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  1. Haha I always thought it was NINE little girls with bad intent. Those evil little girls...
  2. How bout Fahrenheit 9/11 "Annoying liberal man whines" Yeah I could totally be a movie reviewer.... Yeeeeeaaaaah....
  3. Wow first time I found this.... WHAT IS UNDER THAT FREAKING DOOR IN THE BOTTOM OF THE ISLAND?!? Personally, John Loc is my favorite character, even though he does seem a lil wacked in the brain(maybe because of that).
  4. If anyone has bought Devils & Dust (Bruce Springsteen's newest album) can you tell me some information about it and give me a general review? I'm listening to the title track right now and it seems like more genius from The Boss, but I'm not sure what the rest of the album is like, and I'm not sure what it's about.
  5. I...really..don't...know...so...don't..ask...
  6. Actually Jimi's version is a cover. This was originally recorded by an LA band called The Leaves in 1965. PS If anyone can find that original recording I'd be interested in hearing it.
  7. Could Indie Rock be the future of Rock and Roll? With punk and metal becoming more awful by the minute, could bands like Franz Ferdinand, Modest Mouse, and Muse save a dying art? And if Indie becomes mainstream, doesn't it technically cease to be Indie? Then what do we call it?
  8. I agree with Trampled. There are only like 2 modern metal bands I find worth my time: The Darkness(which is very glam rockish and a lot of people don't like the high vocals, but I like 'em) and Velvet Revolver (which is GNR minus Axl, not nearly as good as GNR was but still it's Slash so YES!).
  9. Mississippi Queen- Whos sings this? Lotsa cowbell anyways.
  10. Graduation-Vitamin C Being a teenager and having to hear it at EVERY FREAKING EVENT, not fun
  11. Well you know what they say, everyone's a critic.
  12. Does anyone know the meaning of "Toys in the Attic" by Aerosmith? Just curious.
  13. Actually if what I've read is true the members of BOC were rock critics before they formed a band. Irony alert!
  14. Toni Iommi is the guitarist for Black Sabbath, Joe Perry is the guitarist for Aerosmith. I couldn't tell you the others but they sound familiar.
  15. I thought for a long time that the line "And as we wind on down the road" from Stairway to Heaven was "And there's a wino down the road".
  16. The cough at the end of "In My Time Of Dying" is purposeful. The last line goes something like "Gonna make it my dying, dying, dying...*coughs* cough" Then cheesy little riff comes at the end.
  17. US-Blame It On The Rain-Milli Vanilli Why? WHY?!? UK-You Got It(The Right Stuff)-New Kids On The Block Ok, this is disgusting. I guess the majority of music has been bad my whole life. I'll just stick with my Zeppelin thank you very much.
  18. Wow this was a good idea. Well here goes nothing. Some of these will be repeats of the original post though. Lead vocals-Freddy Mercury Guitar-Jimmy Page Guitar/Vocals- Eric Clapton Bass-Flea Keyboards/Vocals- Billy Joel Drummer- Mitch Mitchell Songwriters-Practically everybody mentioned above plus Roger Waters. I feel weird about putting only one Zeppelin member and no Stones or AC/DC, but I think this would be a freaking awesome band!
  19. If you want actual Irish music for your party get some Gaelic Storm. That's assuming you want traditional. For your rocker-type friends they may enjoy a good dose of Flogging Molly. If there's one thing I know it's Irish music, being a Celtic fiddler.
  20. What does anyone here think about They Might Be Giants? I think they are awesome and extremely underrated, but so many others don't seem to appreciate them or even know who they are. Any opinions?
  21. A lot of rock that has a country sound has been mentioned, but very little country with a rock and roll sound. How about some modern country artists like Toby Keith, Trace Atkins, Travis Tritt, etc? Try looking into some of that.
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