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  1. Looking for a Hip Hop song that questions society/politics/American values...etc. Something along the lines of Public Enemy "Fight the Power", but preferably more recent.
  2. I am looking for songs about gambling/Las Vegas. They can be either literally about gaming or about gambling on life/love. I couldn't find any previous threads on this topic, but if one exists, you can just point me in that direction.
  3. Tom's Diner-Suzanne Vega In the Morning (Coffee Song)-Norah Jones (this one's very funny if you are a coffee addict, like me!) :: I can't stop myself from callin' Callin' out your name I can't stop myself from fallin' Fallin' back again In the mornin' Baby in the afternoon Dark like the shady corners Inside a violin Hot like to burn my lips I know I can't win In the mornin' Baby in the afternoon I tried to quit you but I'm too weak Wakin' up without you I can hardly speak at all My girlfriend tried to help me To get you off my mind She tried a little tea and sympathy To get me to unwind In the mornin' Baby in the afternoon Funny how my favorite shirt Smells more like you than me Bitter traces left behind Stains no one can see In the mornin' Baby in the afternoon You're gonna put me in an early grave I know I'm your slave whenever you call I can't stop myself from callin' Callin' out your name I can't stop myself from fallin' Fallin' back again Fallin' back again Fallin' back again Fallin' back again Fallin' back again
  4. Girls-Beastie Boys Just a girl-No Doubt Don't Drink the Water-Dave Matthews Band
  5. As a history teacher who has done a similar assignment I can tell you some of the songs I have seen... Over There-Various-Written by Georgr M. Cohan about Wolrd War I Russians-Sting-About the Cold War Fortunate Son-Creedence CLearwater Revival-Vietnam Boogie Woogie Bugle BOy of Company B-The Andrew Sisters-World War II We shall overcome-various-about the civil rights movement Sun City-Various-Apartheid The Times they are a changin'-Bob Dylan-THe Counter-culture Brother Can You spare a Dime-Gorney Harburg-The Great Depression
  6. If I recall the video, the boys in the band seem a little effeminate. I think one may actually be wearing a flower hat...or maybe thats the codeine talking.
  7. The song samples "Toy Soldiers" by Markita, which is basically about how no matter how hard we try, we are all going to fall down once in awhile. I think Eminem's version has a similiar theme. He talks about all the pressures he feels from all those around him and he is trying to be perfect but, he has failed. The mention of his daughter refers to the Ja Rule song that mentioned her, which Eminem took offense to and started a verbal battle with Ja. He talks about how his hateful thoughts towards Ja Rule consumed him and made him exhausted.
  8. Next Lifetime-Erykah Badu Love the One YOur With-Aretha Franklin or CSNY From the perspective of the third party: When we dance-Sting Say Goodbye-Dave Matthews Band Good Enough-Sarah McClaughlin
  9. "If I had a Boat"-Lyle Lovett "A Pirate Looks at 40" and "Son of a Son of a Sailor"-Jimmy Buffet "Fishing Blues"-Taj Mahal ::
  10. I am making a CD for a friend's St. Patty's day party and am looking for some good drinking and/or Irish songs.
  11. Here are a few I put on a similiar CD Turn, Turn, Turn-The Byrds Blackbird-The Beatles I'll Remember-Madonna The Best of What's Around-Dave Matthews Band
  12. There is a great song by The Samples called "Did You Ever Look So Nice?" Sean Kelly (the singer) wrote it after he met an old couple in a nursing home. We were children in our places with the world beneath our feet Growing up was on our faces I remember yours so sweet Did you ever look so nice? Did you ever look so nice? Every turn became our future There for us to make our bet That the longer I remeber You're still the hardest to forget Did You eve rlook so nice (Repeated) And if we make it through these changes To find that nothing was in stone But the glance of our exchanges Did they ever look so nice Did you ever look so nice?
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