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  1. Yep, according to Song Facts they are a Christian band. But I wondered why a woman would say to her lover "bring your flowered hat"-- unless her lover was female.
  2. I've always wondered who the speaker and subject of the song "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None The Richer were supposed to be. From the lyrics, it sounds as though it's some sort of romantic couple (wife and husband, girlfriend and boyfriend, etc.)-- but if the speaker is female ("You'll wear those shoes and I will wear that dress"), then it seems so is the subject ("bring your flowered hat"). So maybe it's two good female friends? Or a mother and daughter? Or two sisters? Or a wife with a husband who just happens to wear flowered hats? :: Or maybe two women who are gay? What
  3. Why would that be the case? As far as I know, the song isn't Catholic in any sense. In any case, it's a very beautiful and fitting song for a wedding.
  4. Are you serious? I've never heard that theory before. It could make some sense... but the line "I can still hear her complain" doesn't quite fit a dog.
  5. That's pretty vague... was it a female singer, or male? Or a group? Any other identifying characteristics?
  6. Are you maybe thinking of "Holes in the Floor of Heaven" by Steve Wariner? Holes in the Floor of Heaven One day, shy and 8 years old When grandma passed away I was a broken hearted little boy Blowing out that birthday cake How i cried when the sky let go With a cold lonesome rain My mom smiled, said "Don't be sad child. Grandma's watching you today." Cause there are holes in the floor of Heaven And her tears are pouring down That's how you know she's watching Wishing she could be here now Sometimes if you're lonely Just remember she can see There are holes in the floor of
  7. I think the song you're thinking of "All Kinds of Time" by the Fountains of Wayne. It was made popular by the commercials for the NFL Network played on CBS and FOX during their NFL broadcasts. "All Kinds Of Time" by Fountains of Wayne The clock's running down The team's losing ground To the opposing defense The young quarterback Waits for the snap When suddenly it all starts to make sense He's got all kinds of time He's got all kinds of time All kinds of time He's got all kinds of time All kinds of time He takes a step back He's under attack But he knows that no one
  8. Thanks, Uncle Joe, but if you're referring to her "Goodbye To You" song, I don't think that's it-- but it is a very, very good guess. The song I'm thinking of is more of a love ballad-- a little sad and a little slow (ala the Jet's "Make It Real").
  9. Hi Everyone... I've had this song in my head for nearly the last 20 years-- it was a much-played pop song in '86 or '87. The lead singer was female, and of the lyrics all I remember is the chorus: "Saying goodbye... goodbye to you... Was the hardest thing that I could ever do" and later: "Let me say (say say say)... what I have to say And leave the memory of loving you in vain" In the background, was the same super deep voice from Yellow's "Oh Yeah" (if you remember Ferris Beuler's Day Off) repating (I think) : "For real". It sounded like it could be The Jets, or Gloria
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