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  1. Mine didn't drag me to any, but I've dragged one or both of mine to a few: John Fogerty, Aerosmith, B.B. King, several "free or really cheap blues in the park" shows.
  2. I totally agree, even though the 70's had a lot of crap too...but so does every decade.
  3. Thanks Sammy...neither one is very original but they'll do for now. Edna..thank you very much, you are a sweetie. ok here we go: 1. Duo formed in the 60's, originally from Mississippi and Illinois. 2. The one from Illinois punched out Elvis Costello in a bar. 3. One of the most interesting and amazing biographys of any musical act I can think of.
  4. Van Halen? originally known as Mammoth?
  5. Welcome to Songfacts Syd. You'll like it here.
  6. how old are you? forty freaking seven! left or right handed? Right. zodiac sign? Sagitarius. Flavor of ice cream? mint choc chip. been on an airplane? Yes. Like Neil Diamond? sometimes. Black or blue ink? Black. right or left side of the bed? Right. How tall are you? 6'2" beer or wine? Beer, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale like cheese? yes. Why songfacts name? At the time I registered I was listening to a lot of my Physical Graffiti CD. worst subject? Algebra. Favorite book? "To Kill A Mockingbird" What's you favorite vacation, camping, travel, beach, sit around the house etc...? sailing on the ocean. What do you do when you're sad? Listen to Pink Floyd. Whom do you aspire to be like? My Mom. Are you ticklish? yes, in that certain spot. Are you a good dancer? I've been told I'm not bad. What´s your favorite drug? Nyquil What do you drive? 1999 Chevy Tahoe. If you had to move, where would you go? I kinda like Seattle. Coke or Pepsi? Coke Are you more like your mother or your father? Both, but more Dad, I guess. Do the cops have your mug shot on file?
  7. Good guess Danno, but not the Pixies.
  8. Thank you. hmmm..... 1. California band. 2. Female bassist, for a while. 3. Eventual lead singer was a fan who jumped on stage during a show and began singing (and is still performing as a solo act).
  9. Edna, you're the best...I always look forward to your writings. Please keep on rocking. :guitar:
  10. Hey - here's another vote for EJ :: :: I've seen him twice and I was just listening to his "Venus Isle" CD on the way to work today. I've been a fan since I first heard CLIFFS about 12 years ago.
  11. Anyone who ever played a Stratocaster knows Trower
  12. Thank you so much Edna and the same to you too! ELECTRIC MUD
  13. Thanks for reminding me of my fave from that great Yes album Going for the One.
  14. sorry..didn't see the clue before. Is it The Crusaders?
  15. Edna, I believe Led Zeppelin is correct...it's the 1977 album with "Achilles Last Stand" and "Nobody's Fault But Mine"
  16. Good question...here's my take: I have been a Floyd-head for more years than I care to disclose. I saw PF perform The Wall in LA in 1980 and I've seen them 4 other times as well. When The Wall was released in late '79 it got a lot of radio play, especially "Another Brick In the Wall III" which had a real hook that was perfectly suited for popular radio around the world. It was played to death - and for a lot of people it was their first prolonged exposure to the band. Many people, when they first discover a band, gravitate to their music that is current at the time and will always believe that it's their best work. I was hooked when DSOTM was current and I believe it (along with the subsequent two LP's, I can never decide!) are the finest PF has ever produced. The Wall is an excellent album, but IMO it may have been top notch if it were a single LP instead of a double. Thoughts???
  17. 1. Rob Z. did that 2. White Zombie starring Bela Lugosi 3. J. your turn... ::
  18. Black Label Society? If so: 1. Band's leader worked on "Peewee's Playhouse" before forming band. 2. Band named for a 1932 movie. 3. Had a guitarist with a very, very short name.
  19. doesn't get much bluer than that...Roy was an amazing musician.
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