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  1. I've seen posts on here that talk about same song titles by different bands. Do you guys know of any band member names that are the same in different bands? For example... Roger Taylor from Queen Roger Taylor from Duran Duran (David Grohl - Nirvana & Foo Fighters is cheating!)
  2. I'll argue that Ozzy leaving the band had little effect on plummeting album sales. That all started when Tony Iommi decided to encorporate more Progressive elements in Sabbath's sound, starting with Sabotage. That, and the fact that Ozzy's voice (or lack thereof) was unable to keep up with the band's change in direction led to a loss of interest in Sabbath long before he left. If I were to compare Technical Ecstasy and Never Say Die with Heaven & Hell and Mob Rules, I'd have to say that the latter two are much more interesting.
  3. Then you don't know of the marvel that is Ronnie James Dio
  4. Ozzy's Black Sabbath?!? Ozzy's Black Sabbath?!? I hope you meant to say Tony Iommi's Black Sabbath.
  5. Would Robert Fripp of King Crimson count in this category? How can anyone deny the Fripptronics?? On a side note, Ronnie James Dio is legit
  6. Let me begin by saying that I absolutely love Pink Floyd. ...however, I just don't *get* The Wall. I've listened to it a bunch of times, but never got the sense of amazement that I got when I first heard Meddle, Dark Side, or Animals. Could anyone please expain to me what's so special about The Wall? Thanks
  7. Rush - 2112 If we don't count prog-rock (because that is practically cheating), I'd say Michael Jackson's Thriller had an unnecessarily long intro. :happybanana:
  8. AC/DC stands for Alternating Current/Direct Current.
  9. Why has no one mentioned Ronnie James Dio?? The man responsible for this little hand-gesture you might have seen before...
  10. Pink Floyd is pretty boring ahem, under the influence. :sleepy: I would recommend Simon and Garfunkel. Also, playing your favorite records at high speed is pretty funny.
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