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  1. forgiev me if some of these hav already been posted but my brain is like a sieve today.... The wonderful Triffids contained two brothers, David & Robert McComb There are the McAloon brothers, Paddy & Martin from Prefab Sprout Richard & Linda Thompson Martin Carthy & Norma Waterson The Copper Family The Womack clan in its various guises Bob Marley and his various musical family members (Ziggy, Rita, etc.) And then there were the brothers who were in Bob's backing band... Aston & Carlton Barrett Fela Kuti and Femi Kuti The Kings Of Leon and finally.. The Captain & Tenille
  2. who are you ? Bill Gates? I bet you couldn't find a single property the under the 3 million mark.
  3. a few other classics: The Byrds - Draft Morning (Vietnam) Dylan - The Times They Are A-Changing (the sixties cultural revolution) The Specials - Ghost Town (apologies to our mainly American forumites as this one may not be as well known - this was a massive hit in the 80s in the UK and is about conditions for young people in the run down inner cities which lead to a series of race riots under the hated Margaret Thatcher government) Paul Robeson - The Moscow COncert ( a massively important cultural/political event by a majorly under-recognised American figure). Public Enemny - take your pick from 911 Is A Joke, Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos etc.etc. Various - Buddy Can You Spare A Dime (the Depression) Sly & The Family Stone - There's A Riot Going On (work it out) Plus you could probably garner dozens from the work of the likes of Pete Seeger, Doc Boggs etc. And finally, the two Beatles ones mentioned - Revolution was not about 'Chinese Communism' (it just mentioned Chariman Mao.... doesn't quite add up to the same thing). And as far as I know the only actual news mentioned in A Day In The Life was the news based on the roiad survey in Blackburn which reported the number of holes in the road. Hardly a major political/cultural event.
  4. what about the gorgeous 'Just My Imagination' by The Temptations?
  5. I can;t believe nobody has mentioedn any Pogues songs so far: Sally MacLennane - about life in a pub Streams Of Whiskey - speaks for itself Bottle Of Smoke - about a drunken day out at the races and probably a dozen more but these three stand out as being particularly mad, bad, drunk and Irish.
  6. not as bad as the news Paul had about Linda 6 years back.
  7. just a wild guess - but is it about their amphetamine dealer? the clash were notorious speed freaks in their early days and it sounds like a reasonable decription of a druggie/dealer relationship.
  8. ThePogues' Fairytale Of New York has already been mentioned but as it is by far the greatest Christmas pop song ever written it needs to be mentioned again. Another one of my faves is Otis Reddings take on White Christmas. A little known classic vesion.
  9. Public Enemy's 'He Got Game' album is rich in baskeball imagery and phraseology. There is a song by the band Delakota called 'C'mon Cincinnatti' which has strong basketball links as well.
  10. The song 'The Bells Of Rhymeny' (I think by Pete Seeger and recorded by The Byrds) was about a mining disaster in Wales.
  11. I'd always taken it that that lyric was about asking the (presumably) girl to join him/them on a journey into a new society - free from the constraints of family, money etc. which the rest of the song seems to be intent on rejecting/destroying. Not a clue about the blue bus though. Can't agree on the quality of Jim as a lyricist hough - he was more a poetry of bloated self-importance. They made some great, great rock n roll records but that was despite his lyrics and personality. Only my own opinon though an clearly a lot fo people feel differently so don't take it too personally.
  12. if you cut through the wall of trivia in that question it basically comes down to.... 'name a spoof band'. Spinal Tap look odds-on favourite to me.
  13. Lady Lynda by The Beach Boys has a borrowed intro. About half of Emerson Lake & Palmer's output was borrowed from the classical canon (for example their biggest hit, Fanfare For The Common Man, was a classical piece, and there's the Pictures At An Exhibition album based on the Moussorgsky piece of the same name). Yes have a lot of classical references as well and always open their live shows with a classical piece - Stravinsky's Firebird Suite is a regular favourite.
  14. so basically its nothing whatsoever to do with kashmir? ::
  15. I was talking to someone a couple of weeks back who told me that later in their careers the Beatles actually gave Pete Best a substantial payback by way of compensation/apology. Not sure how true that is. He tours with his own band a lot these days as well.
  16. haha! had a listen to Rolling Minstrels this morning and it is definitely not that one. That song is quite a rocker in its way, the song I was thinking of is much quieter and gentler and, I'm convinced of this, had a lot of birdsong on in the background. I'm also failry certain it was a Sandy Denny solo piece rather than a Fairport Convention track.
  17. the British indie band Hefner recorded a great song called The Day That Thatcher Dies (about you know who, as if you couldn't guess) and the chorus is 'ding-dong the witch is dead'. DSOTM - I thought I knew that album inside out but had no idea there was a Wizard of Oz connection - what have I been missing? Incidentally - there is a dub reggae version of DSOTM called 'Dub Side Of The Moon' which, if you are looking for DSOTM connections that are not just obvious Floyd burns, may give you something a little bit more left-field.
  18. these last two posts prpbably have somethig more in line with what I was thinking of - my own nominations woudl be something like: Robert Johnson Frank Sinatra Miles Davis Elvis Presley (though I'd admit Chuck Berry may be the call here rathe rthan Elvis) Bob Dylan James Brown The Beatles Jimi Hendrix Kraftwerk With those or similar (and realistically we can only be talking about a fairly small number of other possible candidates)you are talking genuine, era-defining artists who really pushed back the boundaries - anybody else is just hanging off the coat-tails - no matter how great they were/are.
  19. Thanks - I have that Fairport album so I'll dig it out and give it a listen tomorrow - never noticed the track in question on there before but its a long time since I listened to it. I'll let you know if its the one.
  20. have you tried fie shsring programmes like Soulseek where you can put up 'wants' lists so that the programme will notify you if the song you want becomes available?
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