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  1. About a guy, everytime you try to go with him it just doesn't work out..everyday he goes through you're mind. Just every little thing doesn't want you two together and so therefore you can never be together but you wanna be with them so bad.
  2. Post any songs that when you listen to them you think about the person you wanna be with but sadly cannot ..Or any lyrics to songs
  3. Anyone have anygood songs that remind you of the crush you have (had in the past)and you are (or were) friends with and too scared to share how u feel
  4. What do you guys think the meaning of this song is? UNDEROATH- SOME WILL SEEK FORGIVENESS And I heard a voice through the discord Of a delusion passes by And I saw one gaze frozen in time Watching me passing by And I swear I?ll know your face in the crowd And I?ll hear your voice so loud When you?re whispering Hey unfaithful I will teach you To be stronger Hey ungraceful I will teach you To forgive one another Here?s my kiss to betray Desperate to brush the lips of grace Do you feel hollow when you think of how I've lied? But oh sweet angel of mercy With your grace l
  5. I dont know what they really mean, thats why i came on to ask if anyone else gets what the song is meaning.
  6. A person i know said this song reminds them of me whenever they hear it "Pieces" By Sum 41....Please help me figure out what it means
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