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  1. From John Mayer Your Body is a Wonderland One pair of candy lips and Your bubblegum tongue I used to like this song when it was on the radio and then when I actually listened to this line. I couldn't get over the thought of a tongue being used as bubblegum. Gross.
  2. I too am an R.E.M fan so I will jump in here. Have you heard the single? My radio station is playing it like crazy. Maybe it is just me, but something about it reminds me of Man On the Moon. I can't put my finger on why, how do you guys like it?
  3. I agree that the Hip are awesome. They are playing here next month, and I am SO excited! My favorite albums are Fully Completely and Phantom Power. You can sample the new CD on their website. http://www.thehip.com/web/discography/index.php
  4. I just recently discovered Los Lonely Boys. Their song called Heaven is on heavy rotation these days.
  5. My friends and I pick themes every month or so and make each other mix CDs. A previous topic was Jeopardy. (all songs must be in the form of a question) A lot of them have already been posted but here are some others I remember. Do You Realize? Flaming Lips What?s the Frequency, Kenneth REM What?s Going On? Marvin Gaye Which Side Are You On? Billy Bragg Where Did I Go Wrong With You? Martin Sexton Have I Told You Lately? ? Van Morrison What?s So Funny About Peace Love and Understanding Elvis Costello or Nick Lowe Honey Are You Straight or Are You Blind? Elvis Costello Did She Jump or Was She Pushed? Richard & Linda Thompson What?s He Building? Tom Waits Am I Too Blue? Lucinda Williams What Am I Living For? Taj Mahal Can I Change My Mind? Poi Dog Pondering Who Wants To Live Forever? Queen Where?s Her Mind? Breaking Laces Where Is My Mind? The Pixies Can You See the Lights? Butterfly Boucher Who?ll Stop the Rain? & Have You Ever Seen the Rain? CCR Wouldn?t It Be Nice? Beach Boys What Have I Done to Deserve This? Pet Shop Boys Where Do You Go? No Mercy Where Are My Panties? Outkast Why Can?t I Be You? The Cure Tainted Love w/ Where Did Our Love Go? Soft Cell Am I the Only One? & Who Needs Sleep? & Have You Seen My Love? Barenaked Ladies Would You? Touch and Go Where Have All the Cowboys Gone? Paula Cole Who Needs Shelter? Jason Mraz Where Are You Going? & What Would You Say? Dave Matthews Band Who Am I? String Cheese Incident Are You Gonna Be My Girl? Jet Tainted Love w/ Where Did Our Love Go? Soft Cell And What?s New, Pussycat? Tom Jones
  6. In reference to the cheating... The purpose of our game is to make mix CD's of songs we like and trade, therefore exposing each other to songs or artists we may not discover otherwise. So I think using a single album defeats the purpose of the game but getting help from others is ok. I have a few friends who usually help but we are all kind of stumped. We did decide that if we can find it, a song from the Wiz is allowed. (of course none of us own it so we I am on the lookout for that) Thanks for all the help so far!
  7. Hi ? I am new here (obviously) so please forgive me if this has already been discussed. I searched but was unable to find anything. My friends and I play a little game where we pick a topic and then make a mix CD with songs about the topic. I am usually pretty good at this game but this one has me stumped. The topic is the Wizard of Oz. I need to find songs that have some lyrical reference to the movie, characters, soundtrack etc. I know the obvious is just to make my CD be Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd but I think that is cheating in our game a bit. So all I can come up with is What You Wish For by Guster Come Downstairs and Say Hello by Guster Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John I know there has to be references all over the place but I just can't remember any others. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. On the compilation album called For the Kids, there is an awesome version of We've Got to be Clean recorded by Guster. It is an excellent album and a good cause if you can find a copy. My niece and nephews love all the modern updates of songs for kids.
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