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  1. I would have to narrow my choice down between Bob Dylan or Simon and Garfunkel with Mr. Dylan winning by a nose. I tend to be partial towards pioneering word men.
  2. I have two items to add here. One, it would appear that there are, or were two groups called Coven. I have the lp by Coven called Witchcraft put out by Mercury stereo SR 61239. It is stated inside as being the first Black Mass to be recorded. The album is from 1969. Obviously, One Tin Soldier is not the starring single on this album. So, my best guess is that there were two groups. My second point is that a young lady name of Skeeter Davis (yes, the one that sang "The End of the World") came out with an album called Bring it on Home in 1972 which begins with "One Tin Soldier" It came out on RCA LSP-4642. So, I wonder if there were any other singers who filled their albums up with this song around this time.
  3. Here, here great job guys and gals. I have to put in my two cents (sense?) also. A great job by all of you posters and guardians of the gates. I have only signed up a few days ago and I am already way behind on my honey-do list. Darn, that just goes to show how addictive this site is. Keep the great questions and responses circulating. They are great to read and the responses are very informative.
  4. Hi pdxchump, Don't know if you still have time to add a song to your song list since you started this a month ago, but I just started here a day or two ago. I think a great song would be Chestnut Mare by the Byrds. Just listen to it and you will see. It is a very uplifting song.
  5. aussiemaid, Glad you got your answer. I wonder if you were aware there was actually another song that parodied Big John. It was called "Small Sad Sam". Not a great big hit, but as soon as I saw your post, it got me to thinking about that song. Here are the words to it...... http://www.supergas.tv/html/lyrics/small_sad_sam.txt enjoy
  6. I have not tried it yet. I will check it out. I hear a lot of conflicting info on these sites. Most of them force you to register before you can search for songs and then what happens is that they embed adware and other lower level programs that screw up your pc. anyone have recommendations? free is the only option.
  7. Bob Dylan -Like a Rolling Stone, Blowin in the Wind, Masters of War, and The Times, they are a changin Barry McGuire - Eve of Destruction Scott McKenzie -If you? re going to San Francisco Rolling Stones - Satisfaction Doors Light my Fire Dion - Abraham, Martin and John Simon and Garfunkel - I am a rock An awesome time to grow up. An awesome list of songs.
  8. How about "Shower the People" by James Taylor. Also here is a link http://songsforteaching.homestead.com/GeofBath.html you can click on that gives you an excerpt of a cute little song. mrclick
  9. Does anyone know where I can download a copy of Poinciana by Smokey Robinson & the Miracles. I can't find it anywhere. I would also be willing to buy the original album or CD if it was ever issued. Thanks for your help.
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