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  1. a friend has got me humming a song but i can't think who sang it or what it is called the few lyrics we can remember are(from memory): i am standing on the outside i don't know where i am going to but i do know just one thing that is it is over with you (i think this bit) anyone help me before i go out of my mind :-)
  2. i am looking for the words and the song by human beinz called "sueno". Any one that can help??? Forever in your debt if you can supply the info (and where to download it from) Thnx guys
  3. i got one of the songs......if these lips could only speak....but i got a female singing it and not the male version like i wanted these were all in the 60's --- i think
  4. Heard some old time favourites on a tape today and was wondering if anyone knows the "correct" titles. The songs are: Little girl broken hearted beautiful golden frame just married this morning and the artists too please if you know them I have searched on Winmx but can't find them
  5. now just have to find a copy of it :-( Have just done a search on Winmx and no-one has it
  6. thank you thank you thank you...........that has made my day. I knew it was about his "woman" and the memory is slowing, so i assumed it was sung by a female Again..........THANK YOU
  7. yes it is...........yanno how there is the song "man from wolverton mountain"?? then a female sang "I'm the girl from wolverton mountain"? Was like a reply to the song. That is what I maen..........in the sont there is a big girl who goes down the mine to get big bad john out
  8. yes the original was by Jimmy Dean.............I am after the female "REPLY" to the song though
  9. i grew up on 50's, 60's music and love the big bad john song.........i have heard a female "reply" to the song but can't for the life of me remember who sang it or what it was called. Any wonderful people out there who can help?
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