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  1. I wrote this in another post. Malmsteen is way overrated. I've seen him in concert, and what he does with his guitar is quite pedestrian. It's all in the effects he uses that makes him sound like he's really doing something impressive, but if you strip all that away, he's nothing special. I'm not blowing smoke, either. I was 3 rows away from the guy. He played, at most, 1/2 dozen notes on his "big" solo, and then all he did was step on a bunch of pedals and got a bunch of different sounds. A fraud.
  2. Yngwie Malmsteen...now there's an overrated guitarist if ever there was one. I saw him in 86, when he opened for Maiden, and let me tell you folks, it's all smoke and mirrors. If it weren't for all his foot pedals and effects, he'd be nothing.
  3. Maybe it could be changed from stars to musical notes. Or instead of water creatures, start off with a single note and work your way up. Note Chord Verse Song Album Double Album Symphony I don't know. Just thinking through my fingers.
  4. I was watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympics, and learned that Mozart wrote Austria's National Anthem. Good to know.
  5. Really? I have some stars. I was wondering where they came from. Now it's gonna drive me nuts wondering who put them there.
  6. Same here. But I prefer it that way. Other than my family and maybe 1/2 dozen other people, people, in general, get on my nerves LOL
  7. Bluegrass is probably the purest form of music there is, along with classical. No effects, no dubbing, etc. Either you can play, or you can't.There's no covering it up. The music stands on it's own. By the way, what's "def"?
  8. Emerald is top notch. i still have a Thin Lizzy tour t-shirt from when I saw them in 83 at the very first Monsters of Rock festival over in Germany. They were third out of 8 or 9 bands, and blew them all away. I've been a fan ever since. Muzik, if you enjoy Emerald's lead solo, you should check out Massacre. :guitar:
  9. I'm just messin' with ya Scott. In fact, the only Chili Peppers i do enjoy are their slower ones. Scar Tissue, Californication, Under the Bridge, etc. That other stuff, pfft.
  10. How romantic. Anthony Keidis obviously has a wonderful economy with the english language.
  11. I didn't read this whole post, so forgive me if it's been metioned, but i've always enjoyed the "Hoo hoos" in Sympathy For The Devil
  12. What Disney movie is it from? We're up to our elbows in Disney here at my house.
  13. Plop plop, fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is Two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun It walks down stairs, alone or in pairs, and makes a slinkity sound. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't There's a few.
  14. Maybe it's just me, but the whole drugs and alcohol related posts seem, I don't know, uninteresting. I drank some in my early 20's, and I've smoked weed, maybe 1/2 dozen times in my teens, but found it just impaired my whole karma. I can't relate.
  15. 1. Just about any flavor. I mean, who's not happy when they get ice cream, right? 2. Last movie- Mystic river 3. Crusts on. 4. First celebrity crush- Linda Ronstadt. To this day... 5. Always fine point, black ink. 6. Favorite color- any shade of purple. It has depth and can be very passionate. 7. 100 bucks to spend? In 5 minutes? I'd probably buy something for my Mom, I guess. Or my wife. I rarely spend money on myself. 8. Not a big cereal eater. 9. I pick A. Don't know why. 10. If you're gonna be a bear, be a grizzley.
  16. Yes, From the Inside is very, very good. You get to see some true soul searching. I like Goes to Hell alot as well,and yes, it is laced with some humor, but I like it mostly becasue it's very explorative (it that even a word?) musically.
  17. That has some merit, although I don't think 'anything copied' is exactly accurate. Some things copied are stepping stones to originality. Like when a person picks up a guitar for the first because they like what they saw someone else doing it, and wanted to give it a try. There's the inspiration. What's the first thing they do? Learn someone else's stuff. There's your copy-catting. But for a higher purpose. Noone picks up a guitar and says "I want to learn all of Angus Young's songs, note for note." they say, "I want to play like Angus Young." So they learn his stuff, but at the same time, they're discovering other things along the way, and they evolve into what may have some Angus young in it, but isn't just a copy of Angus. There's your influence. So there are three ingredients. No all musicians move in this manner. Some, like me, start out with the same intentions as the great ones, but hit the wall. There is definitely a natural feel and inborn talent that simply has to be involved. Some are more gifted that others, Or everyone could play everything. Personally, I got to the copycat stage and couldn't go any further. Same with the drums, and keyboard. I'm destined to be a copy catter for the rest of my life. Rats! ~ Charlie Brown
  18. Giddyup. Well said young man.
  19. True imagination and creativity have nothing whatsoever to do with copy-catting. I have to respectfully disagree with the statement "Copy catting is synonymous with influence. Oh, and as far as Muzic and Dave and the whole avatar thing, it doesn't bother me. Dave is persistent, though. If I asked someone where their avatar came from, and they were reluctant to say, I'd just drop it.
  20. I don't what music today can stand the test of time. I do know Dick Clark will still be around, though. In the year 2000, some kind of chip in his brain turned back over to zero, and now he's reset.
  21. I'll agree that 'influence ' is more about respect and admiration. Even a feeling of reverence toward the artist. However, from that point, you take those tools and develop your own style. Imitation, however, I feel, has nothing to do with being influenced by someone. Anyone can learn something done by another artist. It doesn't mean they're going to derive their own style from it. I love to paint, and I truly admire Henry Matisse. Some people have said they can see his use of color in some of my paintings. That's influence. If I sat down and copied a painting of his out of one of my books, that's imitation. To me, influence is an intangible thing that runs much deeper and moves a person on the inside, maybe even subconsciously. Imitation, or copycatting, to me , holds none of those values.
  22. A true Pink Floyd fan A true Pink Floyd fan A true Pink Floyd fan
  23. The song list is this: Time 8:11 Brain Damage 5:09 Another Brick in the Wall 8:25 Comfortably Numb 5:25 Breathe 4:01 Money 6:42 The Great Gig in the Sky 5:07 Nobody Home 6:23 Us and Them 11:33 Time 10:40 (another version) As far as sending them to you, I wouldn't know how to get them into my computer. I'm like a mouse in a maze ....I know how to get to certain places and back.
  24. There's a difference between being influenced by someone and copy-catting someone
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