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  1. I don't know if this topic has been discussed before, but I would still like to know. I am inquiring about the meaning of the song "The Battle of Evermore" by Led Zeppelin. I have heard speculation that its about The Lord of the Rings books, but my sources cannot be trusted.
  2. Most of the posts on this topic are pretty ridiculous. Nirvana is a band. They get played on radio stations. Radio stations are funded to play music. Bands play music. Who the hell cares if your rock station plays Nirvana. I'm sure they play Green Day and Pearl Jam and the Offspring too. If bands' music isn't going to stick around, what is the point of releasing it ever? Also, the comments about ripping other bands off. That is all grade A bologna. Music comes from somewhere. Why don't we just start blaming Johan Sebastian or Ludwig Van. Hell, what about African chants, they were started ages ago. Quit your bitchin'.
  3. What about the movie Thief, didn't they do the music for that, Romulux said they did
  4. Has anyone heard the song Jumpdaf***up by Soulfly? That starts out really well. I also enjoy this opening line by Eve 6: Cheap shot hocked straight to the ear drum Is it some sick sign of affection? Violated and singed with deceit Disgust from my head to my hands to my feet Showerhead ~ Eve 6
  5. What does the rating under our name mean? I'm a tadpole and that gives me a feeling of inferiority.
  6. How about Georgia Satellite's "Keep Your Hands to Yourself"? Are they considered a one hit wonder? I saw them in concert with George Thorogood and that is the only song I recognized.
  7. Excess Baggage by Staind (its the hidden track on Dysfunction) is a sweet song, however I think its backwards from what you want. It might be a good song from her to you? But that doesn't make any sense... Sorry, I tried
  8. In Manfred Mann's Earth Band's "Blinded By the Light", does he say "Revved up like a 'deuce'" and if so is he refering to a double engine airplane or am I way off on this one?
  9. Legend is actually my favorite movie. Tom Cruise's portrayal of "Jack" is, by far, one of the best roles to ever be seen on the big screen. He brings a certain compassion for life that causes me to rethink the way I view the life I live every day
  10. Legend sucks and you suck just kidding Christine
  11. This selection is a piece I once heard when I was younger. It is a kind of rocky-rap song with four white guys singing. Here are some of the words I know: I've been sittin' here smokin' on my corn-cobbed pipe Yes I'm feeling really good 'cause I've been smoking half the night I'm alright, I'm okay went down to the (something) bar today I spent all of my cash I have to make it back I grabbed my stash and head down to the track, I'll pay you back on tuesday, but does it really matter anyway
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