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Got to interview Joan Armatrading this morning. Good way to start the day.

Today starts our  Anniversary Celebration Week !!  for Lucky and I.               Culminating into the Zenith Wednesday January 27th and subsiding into saturday... 9  Glorious years together.  

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Ooh of course... it got a bit buried in this thread... congrats!! Are you looking forward to your share of looking after him/her and being made to do all the unpleasant tasks? :grin:

Considering we are continents apart, those "unpleasant tasks" would be a blessing. The baby isn't due until January. Diana and I hope to make a trip up to the states later this year and see all the family where I will catch up with the other five grandkids. They grow so fast!

I love my wife, Brazil, my wonderful friends here but miss my grown kids and grandkids. Quite a trade off, really. But by writing and shooting, I hope to share myself with them vicariously. But that never takes the place of a big hug, a butterfly kiss and a tummy blow. :D

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Sorry to put a damper on things, but I hope you won't regret that :crazy: Someone I used to know got engaged at 18 or 19 too, moved in with her boyfriend and they broke off the engagement a month ago.... you're young.

On a different note... Happy Birthday!! :rockon: :happybanana:

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