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True Or False IV

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False...yet again. I've never turned Sun into tea. I've tried brewing tea in the sun but it wasn't fun, tasted fishy because tea was never meant to seep slow. It's pretty terrible that way, IMO.

Though, once at a wedding, I turned water into wine. They were happier than I. But if tea is your thing; try natural "white" tea: the only tea hand-picked at certain times* (before the "white" buds open and then dried immediately; no processing means more potent antioxidants than green or black which is ridiculously processed; and pekoe... lipton , luizianne and all the other crap...lmao) *of the year in CHINA!!! Anything else is swill by comparison. At one time, white tea was only served to royalty. It still is, in a sense.

Never bring the water to a boil and drink it after only two minutes of putting in cup, pekoe enthusiasts. Never add ice but do allow it to chill in the refrigerator if you must have it cold. Cold tea makes even less sense than cold coffee. ;)

You've grown corn and made Luna-Flash (once known as white lightnin' moonshine or popcorn )

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Years ago white lightning was my thing to produce since my uncle Linwood still farmed vast corn crops and my grand-daddy's copper still hadn't breached just yet.

Now, as years have added up; it's wine that I find fine. It's easier to produce than moonshine and a whole lot healthier for you...tastes better, too! Tastes like what you might imagine heaven to be.

You like good, homemade elderberry wine.

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