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True Or False IV


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False, that doesn't free up space.

with todays hardware possibilities is (server)space really a problem?

also I can't believe a few hundred text-only posts in a thread really take up much...

maybe I could see that longer threads take longer to load - but that doesn't speak against closing (locking) an old one before starting a new

(btw I'm not necessarily talking about the threads in F&G or "what song are you listening to", but rather the ones in Random thoughts)


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We try to save the Random Thoughts threads for posterity whenever we can. Some of my favorite posts were lost in the crash of '05. Not all that we save are pearls but in the F&G Topic most can be deleted. We (moderators) are asked to do this housecleaning from time to time to free up space to avoid potential problems. As to the more technical aspects I'm afraid you're talking to the hand.

Please, just go with the flow and ride with the tide.

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the what have a what with who? :stars: :stars:


hey Joe, I didn't mean to question the decisions, I merely want to help improve things, as I said I agree that most (if not all) threads in F&G can be deleted without thinking twice ...

but it was just a few days ago that I failed to find my 10.000th post, in Announcements :(:P

that made me kinda sad if you know what I mean :crazy:

You know what I mean

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