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Mr. Dempsey wouldn't happen to be Irish, would he? :D

He is! :laughing:


Moonlight Desires - Gowan, 6.5/10

A bit too cheesy for my liking, I'm generally not a fan of music from the 80's. But never the less, it's a well structured song. His voice reminds me of Geddy Lee.


Kiss - Freak (2012)

Listening to this song is like being teleported back in time to the 70's!

:rockon: :rock: :guitar:

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Are we the only ones participating in this thread? :(

I like this thread because it acquaints me with music I might not otherwise be exposed to.

Because of this thread and the weekly top tens, I've downloaded 7 songs by artists I had, heretofore, never heard of.

I'll definitely be voting for your Lana Del Rey nomination this week.

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Very Blue, indeed. It's a blue sky day outside, which doesn't match the mood of the song at all, but it's a solid 8/10.

And now for something completely different from out here in the North Pacific ocean:

Barefoot Natives - Huli Huli Chicken

Let's grab those Hula Hoops and have some Fun!

You want to know what "Huli Huli Chicken" is about? OK, let's go to Haleiwa...

Edited by Otokichi
I'm posting from Ye Olde Laptop, so I'll save you the trip to YouTube.;)
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