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Any correspondence will be used as toilet paper.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Hah! That'll learn 'em. I wasn't trying to be a point thief, but the question did specifically stress BOTH DUDES.

And just for the record, I apologized to Brad through private message. I was just joshing him with the "Master Fender" comment. I truly meant it as a joke. That is all. I hope I offended no one else. If I did, I apologize to them also.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :jester: :doh: :doh:

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That must be the right answer, Katie... that´s Cissy Houston´s band and I guess the relatives are Dionne & Whitney.

OldFif, next time you post a pic of the Beatles (or Bowie, or Byrne, or any easy one...) I´ll be there to guess, I sweare it!! :laughing:

I get the hard ones lately... or I´m not often home... ::

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Ladies to the fore ! Nice to see you Elvish.

Question 2. Is it The Sweet Inspirations? I am reading a book about Elvis's career at the moment.


The Sweet Inspirations, with Cissy Houston as Edna said. Their only Top 20 Hit was titled "Sweet Inspiration". :)

Q3...in common...Puppet?

elvis..puppet on a string

5th D..puppet man

jones..puppet man, Young New Mexican Puppeteer


Puppet it is, and they were all Top 40 Hits for them. Funny, Tom Jones' version of Puppet Man didn't chart here, being outsold by the 5th Dimension, and I didn't know Elvis did a version.


Val and I have a few things to do today so I won't be around for a while. I'll try to find a Quizpic and pop it on. It's difficult to find one that's not too hard or not too easy. I thought David Byrne and Peter Gabriel looked a lot different in that 1989 picture. And if I hadn't given the clue of "a couple of GIRLS" I wonder if the Weather Girls would have gone off yet? (not taking away from Kevin -maybe he knew it).

Hi Brad and Bazooka too.

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Yes, where are all those other people who said they'd participate in the Quiz? I hope Joe is OK? I'll send him an Email.


Who's this 70s Group ? They were successful worldwide.


Hope it's not too difficult. Good Luck. :)

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Yes, where are all those other people who said they'd participate in the Quiz?

i keep coming and checking the questions but they're all too hard for me and i have exams right now so don't have the time to google! but exams finish thursday so i hope to participate from then on!

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