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Thanks SoulGirl and Shawna !

Edna has nailed it first go! The only one in the pic that I knew was their late lead singer, Brian Connoly.

The Sweet?


I'm just going to have dinner, then I'll be back with a new question. :)

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You're welcome, you Smarty! You told me I'd been making them too hard lately. ::


Who is this singer/ songwriter ?

Best known as a Country singer, but has had quite a few Pop Hits too, the biggest in the early 1970s. Wrote 2 beautiful songs that were Hits for Elvis Presley in the late 60s. Hosted own TV variety series in the mid 70s, and also appeared in a number of Movies.


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Could it be "Mac" Davies? He wrote "In the ghetto" and "Don´t cry daddy"...


Another 5 Points to you. (I will try to update all the points tomorrow. Depends on how my Wife is). I didn't think this one would go off so quickly! Must have been the two beautiful songs, especially "In The Ghetto", and the TV show. :)


Q1. Here's another one from the 70s Chart Book I found earlier today. Any idea who this singer/songwriter is ? I didn't know what he looked like.


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Thanks, OldFif... actually, yes, I was hot ::... this morning!

So congrats, Brad :thumbsup: :bow: this time I would have known, I have this Harry Chapin picture on a folk book!! :laughing: I liked him, he died very young in the early 80´s, I believe... but he did many records in a short time.

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In the 1970's, Harry's brother, Tom Chapin (also a member of Harry's band), used to host a music show on PBS which was aimed at small children. I can't remember the name of the show, but I can remember some of the weirdest songs ever written. If anyone remembers the name of this show, please tell me.

Two of the songs I remember were "Aken's Drum" and "Tingelayo (come, little donkey, come)". This dude must've been heavy into the psychedelics back in the 70's, man. He played guitar and, I believe, some dulcimer and mandolin.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :guitar: :: :: :rockon:

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Gisela wrote:

:laughing: :laughing:

well, brad - you certainly seem young at heart, so i wouldn't worry! besides, older means more experience, right?! ;)

R-I-G-H-T! ::

P.S. It also means more gray hair, but don't worry, I'll dye it so as not to embarass you at your high school reunion. =:P

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