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this is the cheesiest guess ever... but the Bay City Rollers? (popular worldwide... not unlike "Baywatch") :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

You got a point for that Shawna. It was a Quizpic - I forget who the Group was now. :)

So we have 4 BIG players confirmed and maybe Shawna too?

That 51 each IS for real. Laurie and Edna snuck up on you Brad. I remember Laurie got a 10 Pointer and I think Edna got a couple of 8 pointers. Sure makes it interesting. Of course the others certainly aren't out of it. Maybe we should "make book" on it?


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Count me out on that 55. I've seen this game turn around quickly and I know it's anybody's game. It's not over til it's over...and to quote the beginning of the Alice Cooper song "Hallowed Be My Name", "Don't count your carp before they hatch"... and I'm not going to.

Good luck to all. :thumbsup:

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