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Rock & Roll Jeopardy 2

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Actually, they didn't - not in the UK! They didn't hit #1 with a "George" song. However, they did have 3 with 3 lead singers so I guess that will work...

Sorry, I was thinking of 10CC! They only had 3 UK #1s, all with different lead vocalists...

Rubber Bullets (Lol Creme)

I'm Not In Love (Eric Stewart)

Dreadlock Holiday (Graham Gouldman)



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I work for :couch: ...a bank. It pays my rent.

(I've been a music journalist and a translator for almost all my life, but life in Spain has changed in the last five years)

So this famous singer/actress was fired from her famous band for two months because she was having an affair with Gene Clark and another member of her own band.

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