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  1. Thanks very glad NPQ - that's the very one. Kudos. :haveabeer:
  2. Can anyone direct me to a song? Possibly early 2000s, maybe late '90s. Think it may have been a rap artist. Nice little tune, almost Canon in D, words something like see you when you get there. Possibly. Any ideas?
  3. The Smiths - Reel Around the Fountain?
  4. Is that little charmer a chubby-wubby Keef Richards?
  5. Well the mummy looks like Ray Davies.
  6. That's Stu Cooke from the Revival of Credence and Clearwater, surely? If it is, I be doing a Zepfan and deferring me hearties... :frenchie:
  7. Some sort of power trio with a younger Ginger Baker in the middle? :frenchie:
  8. Hope you had a lovely day Edna - too much cake, Rioja, that sort of nice day ha ha.
  9. It does look like Sid Vicious.
  10. This isn't Vanda or Young again, is it?
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