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    This song just keeps playing for you.
  2. Well still no luck. I am going to have to try to sing it to Angel and hope that I do not break her ears, lol.
  3. Thank you all for you help! I have check out all of the suggestions except fleet fox, and they sound like they could be the band. They just have so many songs to listen to that it will take me a minute to figure it out. Some things that I remember about the song I am looking for is that the lyrics were kind of strung together so they could be misunderstood. Also the beat sounded like an acoustic guitar with two low beats, then a high beat, low and into the hook. I wish i knew what key it was in and what the actual notes were. I will keep looking, and when I find it I will share it. Also I have found some great songs along the way.
  4. It is not the decemberists, the hunt continues.
  5. Thank you! It may be a decemberist song I will listen to some of them. I remember Lea enjoyed this group and loved music and I used to get my new music from her so here i am....
  6. I have joined this group hoping that it is the same group that Lea belonged to. She introduced me to a indie song that was mellow with a male lead that sang in a higher register. I think that the lyrics were something like "the story is untold" but i am not sure and cannot find it anywhere on the internet. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you in advance
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