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Have you seen me? II


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I've been wondering about a few people, some of who may have already told the rest of you that they had better things to do than hang out at SF (what could be better?)

Anyway, where's Old 55, Fintan, PsychoCatholic and my dearest Shannon? These are just a few that pop to the front of my mind...

Anyone heard from them? :puppyeyes:

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Hello my dearest music friends!

How long has it been? A year? I let it come too far. So far that even Ray said I was away for a long time! My sincerest apologies for that! :blush:

SF top ten #299 wtf! :o

It been a crazy year, a busy year, but a great year too. You may now address me as Master of Science in physics and astronomy. That's right, I have graduated after five years of hard work of which the last one was probably the hardest but most interesting.

It is no excuse to leave SF for so long just because I had to study, though. I have been lurking on reddit a lot, wasting my time on memes and advice animals. I tried to frequent the music section too, but lately they only post songs I already know and I'm not learning much new stuff.

Summer's in the country now, and I'm doing some travelling to pass my last long holiday. I'll be starting a PhD in October, making a grown man's wage and leaving the house into the big world. I am very excited about it, and happy I can still rely on my lovely girlfriend (almost 4 years now!).

But enough about me, what have you guys been doing the past year. What things changed, who left, who came back. Any marriages, babies? :D

I want the full report!!

Cheers! :hippie:

P.S. oh, I missed the smilies!!

:couch: :rock: :drummer: :rockon: :shades:

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Congratulations Grand Master V :rockon:

Nothing much has changed with me except that I do in fact have internet now, so I shouldn't be missing for more than a day here or there. I still write poetry and am currently working on a series of short stories and a novella. Finding a publisher will be the toughest part.

Much more excitement (and sadness) but I'll let those it concerns fill you in :grin:

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Congratulations Master V! Another one of our SF kids that are no longer kids but grown, graduated, and on the way to a magnificent and successful life, woohoo! I'm very, very proud of you. We've missed you, but obviously you've been doing important things. :bow: :thumbsup: :bow:

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