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Guitar Hero


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For those of you who don't have kids in your midst, there is a new craze amongst them.


Comprised of a video game and a mock-up Gibson SG.


You have to hit notes and chords using the five color-coded buttons on the top of the fret bar.

You practice, then you get gigs, there's even a battle of the bands. If you're good enough, the audience calls for an encore. This game (Guitar Hero II) was preceded by Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero II

Main setlist

Opening Licks

"Shout at the Devil" - Mötley Crüe

"Mother" - Danzig

"Surrender" - Cheap Trick

"Woman" - Wolfmother

"Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight" - Spınal Tap (Encore)


"Strutter" - KISS

"Heart-Shaped Box" - Nirvana

"Message in a Bottle" - The Police

"You Really Got Me" - Van Halen

"Carry On Wayward Son" - Kansas (Encore)


"Monkey Wrench" - Foo Fighters

"Them Bones" - Alice in Chains

"Search and Destroy" - Iggy Pop and The Stooges

"Tattooed Love Boys" - The Pretenders

"War Pigs" - Black Sabbath (Encore)

Thrash and Burn

"Cherry Pie" - Warrant

"Who Was in My Room Last Night?" - Butthole Surfers

"Girlfriend" - Matthew Sweet

"Can't You Hear Me Knocking" - The Rolling Stones

"Sweet Child O' Mine" - Guns N' Roses (Encore)

Return of the Shred

"Killing in the Name" - Rage Against the Machine

"John the Fisherman" - Primus

"Freya" - The Sword

"Bad Reputation" - Thin Lizzy

"Last Child" - Aerosmith (Encore)

Relentless Riffs

"Crazy on You" - Heart

"Trippin' On a Hole in a Paper Heart" - Stone Temple Pilots

"Rock This Town" - Stray Cats

"Jessica" - The Allman Brothers Band

"Stop" - Jane's Addiction (Encore)

Furious Fretwork

"Madhouse" - Anthrax

"Carry Me Home" - The Living End

"Laid to Rest" - Lamb of God

"Psychobilly Freakout" - The Reverend Horton Heat

"YYZ" - Rush (Encore)


"Beast and the Harlot" - Avenged Sevenfold

"Institutionalized" - Suicidal Tendencies †

"Misirlou" - Dick Dale

"Hangar 18" - Megadeth

"Free Bird" - Lynyrd Skynyrd † (Encore)

Bonus tracks

"Arterial Black" - Drist

"Collide" - Anarchy Club

"Elephant Bones" - That Handsome Devil

"Fall of Pangea" - Valient Thorr

"FTK" - Vagiant

"Gemini" - Brian Kahanek

"Jordan" - Buckethead

"Laughtrack" - The Acro-brats

"Less Talk More Rokk" - Freezepop

"The Light that Blinds" - Shadows Fall

"Mr. Fix-it" - The Amazing Royal Crowns

"The New Black" - Every Time I Die

"One for the Road" - Breaking Wheel

"Parasite" - The Neighborhoods

"Push Push (Lady Lightning)" - Bang Camaro

"Radium Eyes" - Count Zero

"Raw Dog" - The Last Vegas (Winner of the "Be a Guitar Hero" Contest)

"Red Lottery" - Megasus

"Six" - All That Remains

"Soy Bomb" - Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives

"Thunderhorse" - Dethklok

"Trogdor" - Strong Bad

"The X-Stream" - Voivod

"Yes We Can" - Made in Mexico

(original Guitar Hero set list)

Opening Licks

"I Love Rock & Roll" - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

"I Wanna Be Sedated" - The Ramones

"Thunder Kiss '65" - White Zombie

"Smoke on the Water" - Deep Purple

"Infected" - Bad Religion


"Iron Man" - Black Sabbath

"More Than a Feeling" - Boston

"You've Got Another Thing Comin'" - Judas Priest

"Take Me Out" - Franz Ferdinand

"Sharp Dressed Man" - ZZ Top

Thrash And Burn

"Killer Queen" - Queen

"Hey You" - The Exies

"Stellar" - Incubus

"Heart Full of Black" - Burning Brides

"Symphony of Destruction" - Megadeth

Return of the Shred

"Ziggy Stardust" - David Bowie

"Fat Lip" - Sum 41

"Cochise" - Audioslave

"Take It Off" - The Donnas

"Unsung" - Helmet


"Spanish Castle Magic" - Jimi Hendrix

"Higher Ground" - Red Hot Chili Peppers

"No One Knows" - Queens of the Stone Age

"Ace Of Spades" - Motörhead

"Crossroads" - Cream


"Godzilla" - Blue Öyster Cult

"Texas Flood" - Stevie Ray Vaughan

"Frankenstein" - The Edgar Winter Group

"Cowboys from Hell" - Pantera

"Bark at the Moon" - Ozzy Osbourne

Bonus tracks

"Fire It Up" - Black Label Society

"Cheat on the Church" - Graveyard BBQ (Winner of the "Be a Guitar Hero" Contest)

"Caveman Rejoice" - The Bags

"Eureka, I've Found Love" - The Upper Crust

"All of This" - Shaimus

"Behind The Mask" - Anarchy Club

"The Breaking Wheel" - Artillery (Now known as Breaking Wheel)

"Callout" - The Acro-brats

"Decontrol" - Drist

"Even Rats" - The Slip

"Farewell Myth" - Made in Mexico

"Fly on the Wall" - Din

"Get Ready 2 Rokk" - Freezepop

"Guitar Hero" - Monkey Steals The Peach

"Hey" - Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives

"Sail Your Ship By" - Count Zero

"Story of My Love" - The Model Sons

*here is my 6 yo son practicing - message in a bottle


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YES!! :rockon: Guitar Hero is cool. I haven't picked up the second yet (still have super hard mode to beat on the original... ugh -____-). I imagine that it'd be awesome at a party, but man, those guitar controllers are so expensive...

I remember I was playing Ziggy Stardust on the original when the last new year set in. :P

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I got this game for my kids for Christmas. At least that's what I told them. I actually bought it so I could play it! I stumbled upon one in a store before Christmas and my wife had to drag me away from it. Now, everybody in the house, including her, is hooked. Great game.

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Ahh Guitar Hero, I beat the first one on expert and the second one on hard. I plan to work on expert but as for right now there are other games that need my attention. It is a great game though but they need some better songs on there. I mean where is AC/DC? Some of the songs on there are good but there are better ones by those artists too. I want Tool to be on a Guitar Hero 3. What happened to Jimmy in Guitar Hero 2? I mean how hard is it to find a good song by him? Voodoo Child, All Along the Watch Tower, Purple Haze...need I say more? What about Led Zeppelin i mean you've got Kashmir, Achilles last stand, stairway. War Pigs is a good song by Black Sabbath but there is also N.I.B, Paranoid, The Wizard. Can anyone say that they dont love any of the songs I just named? Didn't think so. I propose that every one make a list of songs they want on guitar hero and post it here on this comment board. That is what i will do...later though. Then we could send it to wavegroup and possibly make guitar hero 3 awesome....maybe...I dont know though it depends on the response I get from this comment.

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If I recall, some groups outright refused to have their songs on the game (at least, that's what I remember one of the creators saying in an interview). I don't get why they couldn't get more Hendrix on the second one, since the first one had Spanish Castle Magic. Maybe licensing is expensive or something, and they didn't want to cut into the budget.

At least the new one has TROGDOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRR!!!

Burninating the countryside, burninating the peasants...

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I LOVE Guitar Hero!!!!!! I Beat the Second one on Medium in 3 DAYS!!!!! I mean #1's got Boston, Franz, Deep Purple, and ZZ Top #2's got Skynyrd, stray Cats, Allman Brs., and Kansas. AWESOME GAMEs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. X-play scorded both of them 5/5, and Gamespot gave #1 9/10, and #2 8.7/10

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