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  1. Lyrics are nothing but words it takes someone with a better understanding of themselves and emotion to portray that emotion into the words they write and sing. You dont like a song because of the words themselves you like the song because of the meaning the words have when the singer/songwriter puts his emotion into the words he is singing.
  2. Well it seems that everyone here can read my mind so the only thing I will say is Robert Plants voice should have the same affect on the female race as Barry White. If there worth your time that is.
  3. So what im wondering is if anyone else is as excited as I am about Nirvana making it back into mainstream radio, the top 40 countdown and the weekly top ten on songfacts?
  4. Axl

    Guitar Hero

    Ahh Guitar Hero, I beat the first one on expert and the second one on hard. I plan to work on expert but as for right now there are other games that need my attention. It is a great game though but they need some better songs on there. I mean where is AC/DC? Some of the songs on there are good but there are better ones by those artists too. I want Tool to be on a Guitar Hero 3. What happened to Jimmy in Guitar Hero 2? I mean how hard is it to find a good song by him? Voodoo Child, All Along the Watch Tower, Purple Haze...need I say more? What about Led Zeppelin i mean you've got Kashmir, Achilles last stand, stairway. War Pigs is a good song by Black Sabbath but there is also N.I.B, Paranoid, The Wizard. Can anyone say that they dont love any of the songs I just named? Didn't think so. I propose that every one make a list of songs they want on guitar hero and post it here on this comment board. That is what i will do...later though. Then we could send it to wavegroup and possibly make guitar hero 3 awesome....maybe...I dont know though it depends on the response I get from this comment.
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