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Word Up II


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"Being drunk and weary, I went to Molly's chamber

Takin' my money with me, and I never knew the danger

For about six or maybe seven, in walked Captain Farrell

I jumped up, fired off my pistols, and I shot him with both barrels"

"Whisky In The Jar" - Thin Lizzy

Word up: Spooky

:afro: :afro: :afro: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:

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Say you don't know me or recognize my face

Say you don't care who goes to that kind of place

Knee deep in the hoopla sinking in your fight

Too many runaways eating up the night

"We Built This City" ~ Starship

Word Up: Intoxicating

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So complicated, I'm so frustrated.

I wanna hold you close, I wanna push you away,

I wanna make you go, I wanna make you stay.

Should I say it? Should I tell you how I feel?

Oh, I want you to know.

But then again, I don't. It's so complicated.

"Complicated" ~ Carolyn Dawn Johnson

Word Up: drunk

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Joan of Arc, Joan of Arc, Joan of Arc,

You hot little catholic bitch, ooooooh...

You're a martyr from France,

I'm just a regular guy from New Jersey,

But we have burning fire and heat, ooooooooh...

You've got the stigmata,

I want the stigmata.

from "Joan of Arc" by Alice Donut

Word up: diet

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Grapefruit Diet (diet!)

Throw out the pizza and beer

Grapefruit Diet (diet!)

Oh, get those jelly donuts out of here

Grapefruit Diet (Diet!)

Might seem a little severe

Grapefruit Diet (Diet!)

I'm gettin' tired of my big fat rear

Blow, Fatty

^Grapefruit Diet ~ Weird Al Yankovic

Word Up: blow

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Looking back on when i

Was a little nappy headed boy

Then my only worry

Was for christmas what would be my toy

Even though we sometimes

Would not get a thing

We were happy with the

Joy the day would bring

^I Wish ~ Stevie Wonder

Word Up: clay

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Love and maple syrup goes together

Like the sticky winds of winter when they meet

When lonely lovers come to rest

Beneath the trees they do their best

Love And Maple Syrup - Gordon Lightfoot

word up - Cadillac

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I love your pink Cadillac

crushed velvet seats

riding in the back

cruising down the street

Waving to the girls

feeling outta sight

spending all my money on a Saturday night

Honey I just wonder what you do there in the back

of your pink Cadillac

"Pink Cadillac" ~ Bruce Springsteen

Word Up: Coup de Ville

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As I was motivatin over the hill

I saw maybellene in a coup de ville.

A cadillac a-rollin on the open road,

Nothin will outrun my v8 ford.

The cadillac doin bout ninety-five,

Shes bumper to bumber rollin side by side.

Maybellene - Chuck Berry

word up: coup de grace

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