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The Original Songfactors' Choice Top Ten Lists 1 to 9

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Well that certainly created discussion. I've really enjoyed reading your posts.

So you want to take Aqualung out girls ? I don't blame you. Where's the flute on it. That's the only thing that makes them tullerable. ;)

The next one was You Shook Me All Night Long on 45 Points, but how could you vote for a Band where the lead guitarist dresses up as a schoolboy ? Naah, we'll bump it.

Next was I Can See Clearly Now on 42, a great feelgood reggae number, which I just happened to vote as my #1. I suppose we could put that up there. Or Unchained Melody which scored 41.


All that talk about 80s songs and NO mention of 50s ones (when I was growing up). Thanks for the suggestion Malakin and Peaches, but I hope we don't have to have a "50s or 80s Only" themed chart to get one ! They'll just have to get there on their merits.



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Ladies.... don't you think of Tull as "guy" music? I can't stand Tull. Maybe Locomotive breath, but that's about it.

No, not the flute, not the eyeing little girls with bad intent, just the voice and the music. I honestly have never heard any woman I know say "I just have to get that "new" Tull album." Thick As a Brick was played constantly, by guys. That's just the way it was where I'm from.

I appreciate the talent just don't care for the music. Simple as that.

Now my nominations....hmmm I've got to take more time.

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I'll go for a couple of good old 60s Pop Songs !

Crimson And Clover - Tommy James And The Shondells

Monday, Monday - The Mamas & The Papas

55 you won't believe this...I was just going to post the very same Mamas and Papas song and another by Tommy James!! :)

So sticking with that theme I'll say:

Stand By Me ~ Ben E King

Groovin ~ The Young Rascals

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Make sure it's the full blown version of Crimson & Clover too. I want the full layered guitar solo.

Either version will count ! You put me onto the longer one, thanks, RonJon. I acquired it and play it often now. I just don't ever remember any AM radio stations playing that in Australia. We didn't have FM then.


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Funny RJ, I alternate between two AM stations just because they play oldies.

As you said, you don't hear any long versions like CCR's "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" though. About the longest Pop song they play is Like A Rolling Stone. That was always good value on the jukebox.

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