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The Original Songfactors' Choice Top Ten Lists 1 to 9

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Thanks Farin. :)

Please keep those nominations coming. We've had a couple of "first timers" for this Top Ten which is great. Everyone is welcome to share their musical tastes with us.

Minimal Rules: Just nominate 2 songs you'd like to see in our Top Ten that aren't in the regular Sonfacts Daily and Weekly ones.....

Then when nominations close, choose your 10 in ranking order from all the nominations received. Points are allotted 10 for your #1, 9 for #2, etc.

I'd better hit the sack. Goodnight All . :headphones:

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Expressway To Your Heart-The Soul Survivors

Great one, Joe. I believe this might be a case of losing the "The" in the band's name. Just Soul Survivors.

Love the break-in line:

"Mmm ... I was wrong, took too long

Got caught in the rush hour

Fellas started to shower

You with love and affection

Now you won't look in my direction." good stuff

My nominees ARE from the 80's:

Kiss On My List - Hall and Oates

Africa - Toto (below is one of my photos titled Africa - an interpretation of Toto's song)


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I see What's The Frequency, Kenneth did make #21 in the U.S. I'd just noticed that a few of R.E.M.'s European Hits didn't make it Stateside, or as big anyway.

I'll bet American TV newsman Dan Rather wishes that one had never surfaced. Are you hip to the origin of the phrase "What's the frequency, Kenneth?" :smirk:

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Okay, okay, if you don't want an 80's list just say so! :P


I did see a few I liked amongst them though. ;)

All we hear is

Radio Ga-Ga


We can't rewind

We've gone too far



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Are we allowed to hastle nominations , Old ? Or is that undemocratic ?

Mate, you can hassle or hustle. I think it would be your democratic right to do so. How much will you pay me NOT to vote for Africa and Kiss On My List though ? They're also two of my favorite 80s songs.


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