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Coolest musicians


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Eddie Vedder

Kurt Cobain

Elvis Costello

Paul Weller

Joe Strummer

Pete Townshend

Lou Reed

Thurston Moore

Deborah Harry

I guess I look at cool as being some parts disaffected grunge and some parts disaffected neo-punk. Ha!

*Oh my God Franz Ferdinand are definitely cool...don't know about singling out Alex Kapranos but yeah, they are cool for sure!

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my egregious oversight of Franz Ferdinand
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Fair point.

Who knows what really became of Ritchie? If he has successfully staged his own fake suicide so that he could escape from the spotlight of fame and its attendant torments of substance-addiction, mental illness, self-mutilation, etc. and forge a new, better life for himself on a commune in Goa (or wherever), managing all the while to retain his anonymity, then he certainly is one cool customer. He has also boosted his cool status (in my eyes) by distancing himself from the increasingly dire output of his former band-mates......but I digress.

Meanwhile, Dr Cowbell....I read your latest list with interest. I wouldn't argue with most of your suggestions (well ok, I might)....but Bono????BONO??!! He employs a stylist, for pity's sake!....we know this because he recently dragged a former stylist through court and sued her ass off, because she had the audacity to sell one of his cast-offs (which she claimed she had been gifted) on EBay or something.

Genuinely Cool People Do Not Employ Stylists.

For a hundred other reasons Bono is, was and never will be cool, try however hard he might. (Trying too hard is another giveaway of "uncoolness")

I don't know alot about Eddie Vedder, but he never struck me as remotely cool either. A sort of "uncool" alternative to Cobain....??

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Weller has certainly had his moments.

He "tried too hard" during his Style Council days (what an embarrassment....) and had a spell early on in his "solo career" when he streaked his hair, grew a dodgy 'tache and , frankly, resembled Paul Calf.

I'm sure these were merely "lapses in cool".

As time goes on Weller's cool quotient seems to just go on rising...

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Plus: in what parallel universe can Ian Anderson be considered cool?????!

Anybody who writes lines like this is cool enough for me:

Bending the minutes the hours ever turning

on that old gold story of mercy:

desperate breathing, tongue nipple-teasing.

Your fast river flowing your northern fire fed.

Come, black satin dancer, come softly to bed.

And this:

Ale-spew, puddle-brew boys, throw it up clean.

Coke and Bacardi colours them green.

And this:

Proposition, deal. Flying button feel. Testicle testing.

Wallet ever-bulging. Dressed to the left, divulging

the wrinkles of his years.

Wedding-bell induced fears.

Shedding bell-end tears in the pocket of her resistance.

International assistance flowing generous and full

to his never-ready tool.

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Listen, Das. I don't know what your game is. But if you're attempting, in your subtle way, to lure me unsuspecting into your cess-pool of filth, then you're going about it the right way, ok?

I have no game, nor am I possessed of much subtlety. But I'll keep at it. :)

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I think I understand your point, but your logic is inconsistent.There was a time when Kurt used to be pretty cool, for some of the reasons you suggest. But if Keith used to be cool, but has now "blotted his 'cool' copybook", so can no longer be considered "cool", then surely the same could be said for Kurt....

Plus: in what parallel universe can Ian Anderson be considered cool?????!

First off, Ian Anderson is cool because in concert, he seemed like he was going nuts. People who go nuts are cool.

Anyways, I was just trying to appease people when I said "I'm sure Keith Richards was cool in the 70's" because honestly, I don't think Keith Richards was that cool to begin with.

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