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What did you get for Christmas?

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I got a E,W&F dvd, a radio that I can stick on the wall in the shower so I do not have to wake everyone up, a box of cigars from my uncle, and a trip to buy clothes from my wife ( I think that there may be an editorial comment by my wife about my wardrobe somewhere in that one.)

I also had the great gift of having most of my family at my house on Christmas Eve to celebrate. My daughter made out like a bandit. She even lets me play with the accustic guitar her papa bought her....OK, it was more for me than her, but I am sticking to my story.

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smoothie maker, cd, book from my boyfriend

2 pashminas from my dad and stepmom

money from my mom, stepdad, gran and aunt

earing from my brother and sister in law

necklace from my sister

book, cardigan from my friends

jewellery and cosmetics from various relatives and family friends

i'm happy with everything :) all lovely! although, i don't really like getting money because I never really use it to buy myself a present and it all just sits there. I guess I mainly spend on my personal expenses when I am at home, so I never have to ask my parents for money, which is good.

I took some of it back here because I am thinking of getting a sewing machine and make cool clothes :) (yes, I am ambitious)

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