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Metal Suggestions...


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Hey. I've been filling up my mp3 player with all kinds of music that I like and I had no idea I liked metal until I heard a few Metallica songs.

So far I have downloaded...legally, of course...Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, & a couple of songs from Slayer.

What I dislike about Slayer is that they have too much devil/666/fire stuff for me. I was listening to them and the ground began to open up, but anyways, could you guys give me some suggestions for any metal bands I might like?

So far I have(everything listed are songs):


For Whom the Bell Tolls

Hit the lights

Pulling Teeth

Master of Puppets

Creeping Death

Iron Maiden:

2 Minutews To Midnight

Number of The Beast

Run To The Hills

Hallowed Be Thy Name

Rime of the Ancient Mariner



Sweating Bullets

Symphony of Descrution

Skin O' My Teeth

Wake Up Dead

Holy Wars

Hangar 18


Angel Of Death

Raining Blood

-Daniel :)

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good beginner songs for the best heavy metal bands

Judas Priest:

Exciter (which I think is their best!)

Jack the Ripper

Breaking the Law

Hell Bent For Leather

Saints in Hell

Iron Maiden:

(five good beginner ones you don't appear to have)


22 Acacia Avenue

Die With Your Boots On

Black Sabbath:

Iron Man

Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath

Sweet Leaf

Children of the Grave

Black Sabbath

Electric Funeral

Hole in the Sky



War Pigs

Wheels of Confusion

Under the Sun

Laguna Sunrise (not a metal song, but it's great!)

After Forever


Man on the Silver Mountain

Kill The King

Catch The Rainbow (not very metal, but great guitar)



Deep Purple:

Smoke on the Water

Highway Star


...And the Address

Speed King

The Mule

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As for albums I would recommend these....

Deep Purple-Machine Head(even though I don't really classify it as "metal" though)

Iron Maiden-Number Of The Beast

Iron Maiden-Edward The Great, Greatest Hits

Judas Priest-Metal Works 73-93(good starting point for new listeners)

Megadeth-Rust In Peace

Megadeth-Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?

Metallica-First Four Albums

Black Sabbath, start off with Paranoid, then get their first six albums

Motorhead-Best Of

Anthrax-Return Of The Killer A's

Anthrax-Attack Of The Killer B's

I think that should be good for now. :D

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Thinking back to my long-haired funky-moped riding youth, I would suggest Tokyo Tapes by Scorpions, and the double live LP by UFO, the name of which escapes me.

I am a bit confused by the gendre now though, as to me 'metal' means Anthrax, Metallica and the like, and most of the older bands no longer fit the description.


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I am a bit confused by the gendre now though, as to me 'metal' means Anthrax, Metallica and the like, and most of the older bands no longer fit the description.

I'm a bit confused too....Saxon, Iron Maiden and their ilk were once NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) according to 'Sounds' magazine...which implies an 'old wave' somewhere down the line which was probably sprung from Purple, Zep and the like but there's the doomy gloomy aspect from Sabbath and even more so from long forgotton heroes such as Atomic Rooster (heavy or what).

Personally I think Metallica...and especially Megadeath are more the offspring of the bunch of spandex clad, poodle haired pansies (with the odd very dodgy moustache) that knocked out bad Slade covers in the late 80's. Metallica are a bunch of po-faced poseurs. And if anyone says Kiss are Heavy Metal I'll know I've lost the plot...they're The Sweet meets the Rocky Horror Show...and that ain't metal...it's more like marshmallow (and I like the Sweet) :coolio:

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