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Who Would You Be?

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Wow...boy did this thread wander...now we are dipping boobs in chocolate...sounds fun, I think, if someone removed it for you from your boobs!! :blush: Remember that chic from the 60's and 70's that had male rockers plastercast their....ummm...penis, God I hate that word, anyway she is now palstercasting female rockers boobs! Ouch!!

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So we've got Marc to do the dipping services, we'll need someone to melt the chocolate and keep it a nice consistency, someone to supply the chocolate, someone to haul the chocolate, someone to supply the large vat and the wooden stirring spoon... and several someones to supply the boobs for dipping. Sounds we have a job for just about every SFer here for the next party. I know what MY job is. :grin:

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Wonderful... Do we have a name for this business? How about, oh, I dunno, "Choco-nips"?. And how are you gonna charge? One price for everything? The "A" cup crowd is gonna holler blue murder having to pay the same price as the triple "D" crowd. 4 ounces of chocolate compared to like, say, pound and a half? We talked about this at work today. The consensus is that this is b.s. No way it's been done. Not commercially. And one of the guys was an engineer. I didn't say much at the start and he went through the different scenarios, plaster, pain of the hot chocolate, setting up, removal, etc.same as I did and he said the same thing, "No, there's just no way."

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Shawna wrote:

I can attest to that! =:P

:shades: :googly: :googly: :shades:

Brad, dude.... stop. You'll be singing this before much longer...

The Man Song by Sean Morey

I don't take no crap from anybody! ... else but you.

I wear the pants around here!...when I'm finished with your laundry.

'Cause I'm a guy you don't want to fight! ... when I say "jump" you say "yeah, right".

I'm the man of this house! ... until you get home.

What I say goes around here! ... right out the window.

And I don't want to hear a lot of whining! ... so I'll shut up.

The sooner you learn who's boss around here! ... the sooner you can give me my orders, dear.

'Cause I am the head honcho! ... but it's all in my head.

And I can have sex anytime! ... that you want.

'Cause I'm a man who has needs! ... but they're not that important.

And don't expect any flowers from me! ... because if I'm not mistaken you prefer jewelry.

I'm the king of my castle! ... when you're not around.

And I'll drink and watch sports whenever I want! ... to get into trouble.

And I'll come home when I'm good and ready! ... to sleep on the couch.

Because a man's got to do what a man's got to do! ... and I'm going to do what you tell me to.

Because I'm top dog around here! ... but I've been neutered!

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