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Sweet Jane 61

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I, too, was bemused by the fact that this (dys)functional family welcomed me so warmly.

Then I got dorked, I got frisked, I got my milk money stolen, I was made fun of, laughed at, told off, yelled at when my photo brought down the thread. The people are - to paraphrase Roger - glued, screwed, tattooed, down and dirty with a just plain surly attitude.

Y'all know I'm just teasing about all this, don'tcha??

Because I couldn't be happier. :grin:

Seriously, my second home is a third world cantina. But my THIRD home is Songfacts!!! I wouldn't trade these people for all the chocolate in Hershey, PA. Okay, maybe I would. But it would be a tough split-second decision. :grin:

Take the chocolate...

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