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Best Zeppelin song (Besides Stairway)


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sorry about forgeting your song, but wow, that was a lot of songs. That is truly a staple of a good group. And I don't think I picked any bad songs.

the problem with this thread is that there are so many I want to vote for

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You forgot "Achillies Last Stand" it was thier longest and best song.

Absolutely a genuine article from Zep and worthy of top billing, but while being among my favorites and very good, it is not my favorite. I can trully understand you picking it though, and it is a great song.

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Nearly everyone that is a Zepplin fan will agree that almost everything they did was great.

I personally think that Kashmir was third greatest, Stairway was second, and "The Rover" is absolutely the best example of Zep's ability to totally rock out.

Of course no 16 million people will agree upon the best, so why beat the dead horse? Strickly speaking; Zep's best song from the standpoint of Billboard would either be "Stairway to Heaven", or it would be "Black Dog", or it would be "Nervous Breakdown", or it would be ...

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"Hot Dog" wasn't one of their finest moments.

I concur. At this one local pool hall, the jukebox had the single of "Fool in the Rain" and the flip side was "Hot Dog." We detested anyone who chose to play that tune during a game of pool. :P Talk about losing concentration. ::

But I can easily tell you their worst song and some of us nickname it "The Belly-Ache Song." Yep ... "D'yer Maker"

I can't stand that tune. :stars:


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