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  1. Long time lurker, first time poster. Many of these groups others posted are NOT one hit wonders....Hope you don't mind the corrections. Falco(Vienna Calling) Marcy Playground(St. Joe on the School Bus... better than sex and candy and was on radio) Red Rider(Young thing..If I recall right) Ten Years After(You are joking, right?) T. Rex(Jeepster, Planet Queen, for starters) Terry Jacks(Concrete Sea, among others) Gary Numan(How can you call Gary that?!? He influenced SO many musicians, and was ripped off by Basement Jaxx) Kix(Blow my Fuse) Thin Lizzy(Jailbreak, Boys are back in town, for starters.... VERY under-rated band..blame corp. radio) I like Moonlight also, speaking of.. Dancing in the Moonlight - Kings Harvest Thumbs UP!
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