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Tell Me About the Stones

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I cannot believe that we don't utilize this forum like we should. Shame on us...all of us.

This ought to get everyone good and riled up. I know all the "Best of" type Rolling Stones songs, but what about some lesser known ones? What can I not live another day without hearing?

Give it to me...songs, stories, concert memories, whatever. I'm waiting.

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"Blinded By Rainbows" is an undiscovered classic by the Stones. It's from Voodoo Lounge, their 1994 album. Another one of my favorite lesser-known Stones songs, "Out of Tears" is on this album as well. Both songs are ballads, which is a style the Stones aren't all that famous for.

Check them out! Better yet, check out the whole album :thumbsup:

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Wow, Peaches, you´re lucky... I wish I had some Rolling Stones stuff to discover!!! I suggest you get the whole "Sticky Fingers" and "Goat´s Head Soup" albums. They are amazing. "Exile on Main Street" is more, let´s say, bluesy... though it´s great too.

For me the point was listening to the whole albums, not "best ofs". "Between the buttons" has incredible songs too. "Let it bleed" is one of my favorite albums, "You got the silver" or "Love in vain" are there.

For rarities, get "Metamorphosis". It´s a wonderful bunch of songs you can´t find on their records.

Sammy will come soon to help you.

Me too, with more suggestions...

...as soon as the server lets me post more... :bow: :bow: :bow:

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I've always listed the Rolling Stones in my top five of favorite albums, but I lump the period of

Beggars Banquet ('68)

Let it Bleed ('69) and Sticky Fingers ('71) as one choice of my top 5.

Mick and Keith's writing rivals very few and probably only the Beatles for stretches of say three albums in a row of top notch songs.

But there's lots of dynamite songs from the

Brian Jones era (no band does R & B covers better + they're starting to write Great songs),


the Mick Taylor period


the Ron Wood era.


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"Her Satanic Majesties Request " is the Stones' experimental album . At the time , it was considered their 'bad boy' response to Sgt. Pepper's as the cover suggests. If you are a fan , exclusively , of their top hits you may find this album unlikeable ( as many do ) , but I feel it is a great piece of '60's creativity / fun with some gems in it like "She's A Rainbow " , and the wonderful " 2000 Lightyears From Home " . :: :coolio:

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I own the Sticky Fingers cd, and Hot Rocks. I'm kind of a passive Stones fan. I don't change the station if they come on, but I won't sit in my driveway to hear the end of a song, either. I can take them or leave them.

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Here´s some songs you should know:

"Take it or leave it" (Flowers)

"2000 Man" (Satanic majesties Request)

"Tell me (you´re coming back)" (First or second album)

"Under the boardwalk" (first or second album, it´s a cover but a great one)

"Blue turns to grey" (Stone Age)

"Sweet Virginia", "Torn & frayed", "Shine a light", "Happy" (Keith) (Exile on Main Street)

"Beast of Burden" (Some Girls)

"She´s so cold" (Emotional Rescue)

"Till the next time we say goodbye" (It´s only rock and roll)

"You´d better move on" (a cover, Throught the past darkly)

"I´m free" (Out of our head??? Help, sammy... I have the Argentinian release...)

andof course,

whole Sticky Fingers, Goat´s Head Soup, Beggar´s Banquet.

Don´t forget whole "Between the Buttons" too. I´ll be posting the gems I forget now. :thumbsup:

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Oh , yes "2000 Man " , as well ! Love that one , edna !! :: :thumbsup: :guitar:

Also : "Parachute Woman " -- from "Beggar's Banquet", and "The Spider and the Fly " :guitar: :coolio: :rockon:

" Star Fu*k:er " and "Silver Train " --Goat's Head Soup

"Respectable" and "Shattered" -- Some Girls

"Monkey Man" -- Let it Bleed

"Down in the Hole " and "Indian Girl" --Emotional Rescue

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"Down in the hole"!!!! Kevin´s right, you´ll love that one!

"Gimme Shelter", "Let it bleed" (Let it bleed) "Stray cat blues", "Dear Doctor", "Salt of the Earth" (Beggars Banquet) "Who´s driving your plane" (I have it on a compilation) "19th Nervous Breakdown" (same), "Get off of my cloud" (same)... These are part of my own "best of"...wow, I really would tell you to post the songs that you do know... they are so prolific!

I didn´t listen to the Stones that much after "Tatoo you", so my knowledge is limited. My favorite ones are from "Let it bleed" till "It´s only rock and roll", as Mick taylor was there.

Of course, Brian Jones was the main one.

Sammy, where are you?

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All the above are great suggestions. Sticky Fingers, Some Girls, Goats Head Soup, and the rest all great albums. Try The London Years a bunch of thier singles from the early years for some bluesy stuff, like Little Red Rooster I'm partial to Stray Cat Blues, and The Girl With The Faraway Eyes, and Dead Flowers for particular songs, just cause they are different. Their most recent 3 Dvd set is great, cause you get to see them in various venues. Blinded By Rainbows, Stupid Girl, Poison Ivy....all songs from good memories. Hot Rocks and More Hot Rocks are good places to start also.

Peaches, join Sammy, edna, and me as the great Stones fans!!! ::

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Peaches, I suggest you spend a couple hours with Sammy.

Oh, you'll need more than a couple hours, Baby! :googly: :googly:

Anyway, if you wanna hear some GREAT Stones songs, try:

"Hand of Fate" :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

"Monkey Man"

"One Hit To The Body"

"Sister Morphine"

"Crazy Mama"

"All Down The Line"


"Before They Make Me Run" (sung by Keith)

"You Got The Silver" (sung by Keith)

"Can't Be Seen" (sung by Keith)

"Salt of the Earth" (sung by Keith and Mick)

"Sweet Black Angel"

"Child of the Moon"

"Can't You Hear Me Knocking"

"Dance Little Sister"

"Dancing With Mr. D"

"Star Star" :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

"Ventilator Blues"

"Stray Cat Blues" :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

"Midnight Rambler"

"If You Can't Rock Me"

"Respectable" :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:


"Hey Negrita"

"Saint of Me"

"Out Of Control"


"Jigsaw Puzzle"

"Torn And Frayed"

(and some 100 others)

and some great ballads:

"Till The Next Goodbye" :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

"Play With Fire"

"Heart Of Stone"

"Moonlight Mile"

"Out Of Tears"

"Lady Jane" :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

"Worried About You" :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

"Shine A Light" :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

"Time Waits For No One" :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

"Fool To Cry"

Man, I could go on and on and on.... Try listening to the All-Stones station on Netscape Radio. It's AWESOME!!


:afro: :afro: :afro: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:

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Tell you about the stones, eh? Well, there are two ways to remove them, you can let them pass through your urinary tract naturaly, or you could have some sort of laser treatment, which breaks up the stones before they have a chance to exit the body. To prevent the stones, try to lower your calcium intake. Or is it highten you calcium intake? I can't remember now.

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There also good movies about the Rolling Stones. "Sympathy for the devil", Jean-Luc Goddard (I know it´s released on dvd but it might be hard to find...), I didn´t see it but many connoisseurs told me it´s very good. I loved "Gimme Shelter", a live concert in Altamont from 1969. "25x5" tells their story and it´s on video.

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