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I only categorize music when I want to explain a band to someone.

That is exactly what I do. If someone asks me describe a bands sound, I categorize it and then say what bands could go together to make the sound. Its the easiest way to explain it. But the genre labeling is getting out of control man. Every new band seems to be getting its own unique label. If record stores followed it, there'd be more sections for bands, than bands.

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I think radio stations are finally starting to realize that most people like more than one genre of music. With 2000+ songs on my Ipod, I usually listen in shuffle and have no problem with a Folk song followed by Hip Hop and then Classic Rock. The quality of the song is what's important, not the genre.

It took Internet and Satelite radio to push it along, but we're seeing unclassifiable formats with names like "The Jack" and "Channel 957." This is a good thing.

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