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Best singing voices?


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Not my favorites, but objectivly, just for the voice--

Annie Lennox, best female voice, and What's His Name - the original lead singer for Journey. Was it Steve Perry? See not my favorite voice =:P, I can't remember his name, but IMHO definatley the best male voice.

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Little Richard and Paul Stanley. Little Richard's screamy falsetto is instantly recognizable, and Paul Stanley's wail is the voice of Rock and Roll. Roy Orbison has a voice like flowing honey, and AC/DC's late Bon Scott whiskey-soaked-cigarette-scorched voice loaned huge amounts of character to the original songs.


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Chris Cornell- Soundgarden and Audioslave, just amazing and what a range.

John Lennon- had a great mellow voice

Michael Stipe- Say what you may about R.E.M, but Stipes got one helluva voice (he's the best current songwriter at least in my book)

other ones I like are

Janis Joplin

Elvis Costello

Jim Morrison

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The worst is always easy to list; now I will list some of my favorites in no particular order:

Steve Perry

Eric Woolfson

Don Henley

Freddie Mercury

Ed Vedder :bow:

David Bowie

Donald Fagen

Robert Plant

Roger Waters

Mark Knopfler

Paul Rodgers

Brad Delp

Melissa Etheridge

Grace Slick

Sara McLachlan

Linda Ronstadt


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Aretha Franklin

Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star)

Stevie Nicks

Bic Runga

Faye Wong

Sandy Denny


Martin Grech

Jeff Buckley

Finn Andrews (The Veils) A critic said it sounded like a cross between Eartha Kitt and a vacuum cleaner. :jester: I however think he sounds wonderful ::

Eddie Vedder

Don Henley (The Eagles)- if only for 'Desperado'

Evan Dando- I'm not sure why.

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