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This is a good one.

This is a review on The Outlaws "Best of the Outlaws"

Dem Outlaws sure don't know what deyre doing anymores! I went to Wal-Mart hopin' to came on home to my wife Bobbie-Sue with some good ol' steel-twangin' country music-to-my-ears, but when I played this nasty album, I heard my herds startin' to stampede away from this God-awful excuse for horseshoe harmony. Poor Bessie the cow still shrudders her udders when someoone, even a mighty good singer like meself, begins a-hittin' those high notes! Folks, just stay away from this here album.

Now this guy has great English skills.

Jimi Hendrix review...

jimi hendrix disgusts me. i hate him much. jimi is a disgrace to everyone who \spenbds their saturday nights, like myself, playing guitar in their basement whil watching semour butts. if you want results in guitar you must look to gods like guy picccotto of fugazi and adam "adroc" horovitz. other bands include saves the day and pannywise. i worship the stylings of civ as well. in conclusion, jimi hendrix is not that good. in truth, i would go so fare as to say that his playing of the guitar was a waste and selfish because he used valuable guitars that could have been supplied to poor people witjh more talent than he. p.s. stervie ray vaughan is also bad.

It's amazing what some people define as guitar talent.

Led Zeppelin's "(IV)"

Someone said Zeppelin they are good, I brought this and oh my God it's awful. The singer don't know his name screams alot, and the words are disturbing, hey, hey mama? why does he want his mama? Is he a baby?

Also how can you buy a stairway to Heaven, and bustle in your hedegow...huh? What's that nonesense all about???

This isn't lyrics this is Noddy talk, now in my opinion the greatest rock band are Bon Jovi, they rock, Always is better than anything Led Zeppelin have done and they could only dream of doing an album as good as These Days and that's average on Bon Jovi standards.

Also Going to California...BORING...give me Celine Dion any day...please

Also what is Misty Hop about why can't he sing properly like that guy from Good Charlotte.

Greatest worst ever rock album ever!!!!

Don't buy this, buy Celine Dion instead!!!!


The E stands for Expert

Celine Dion? And Good Charlotte?

Another on "(IV)"

This CD is whack. It sounds like old peoples music. Its really old too, like over 30 years old. The sound isn't real good and the style of music on the CD is way out of style.

He must be a fan of hip-hop... ::

Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here"

This is not real rock and roll. If you really want to rock hard, buy the latest from Creed, Blink-182 or Limp Bizkit. That is real music.

These old geezers can't even get through more than five songs...what a waste of $13!

I love it when these people refer to classic rock as old geezer music. Please tell me this, if you don't like music from the 70's, then why are you even buying it? I guess I just really like "old geezer" music...

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Sgt. Pepper's reviews:

Thanks for reading my review. I have only one short consideration.

What wood this disk have sounded like WITHOUT intoxicating substances? You T

Thank you!

First of all the cover's a gas meaning it's really ugly and not acceptible for a record.

The music is chaotic and disturbing my feelings of selfrespect and peace.

My family doesnt like it iether. they think modern music is best and so do I:)

I can do without this record, please.

Give me Celine Dion any day

Or Britney Spears

That's real Pop, this is noise

I mean they repeat the same song twice


Sgt. Pepper is Aleistair Crowley?!?


Just wanted to let people know that this album has some satanic ties. Myself being a lover of rock music I realized some of the messages being conveyed were satanic. Notice on the album cover of this album, there is a picture of Aleister Crowley (top left second person)the biggest Devil Worshipper who started a satanic following. Listen to the lyrics they sound innocent but listen closely. The message given is "Start A Revolution" "Do What Thou Will", Those are teachings of Crowley, also notice the statue on the cover (bottom right under the BEETLES) That statue is mentioned in many of crowleys teachings. Guess who Sgt Pepper is... Yup Crowley!! Notice the lyric "It was 20 years ago today...Sgt Pepper taught the band to play" Just wanted to give a warning to those who didn't know! Why do you think this band got so big!!

Hey everyone, how are ya?? One day a friend of mine brought this CD over to my house and started playing it and singing the songs real loud. It started to get on my nerves, cuz the guys sounded like a wimpy version of Oasis, only with a lot of dumb hippy-dippy peace and love fluff thrown in for bad measure!! Ever since Phish burst onto the scene a few years ago, there has been a lot of this type of muzik going around, and this album is by far the cheesiest I've heard!! "When I'm 64" is the most dumb thing I've heard!! I'd look into something more hard edged like Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Staind, Seether, Trapt, Puddle Of Mudd, Ja Rule, Mystikal and skip this waste of an album. Peace out all...

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Here's a review of T. Rex's "Electric Warrior"?

Im not an angry person bashing any old music. Im a musician bashing this bullfunk. Seriously, with all the good reviews on this page, they must be hopped up on cocaine. Im a huge 1970's fan myself and this is out of control. Please spare your self the $40.00 or 17.00 and buy something else. Like good blues if your into blues. Cause this is irritating. Peace out you crack fiends

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This is too much fun. I decided to see what the American Idol people have generated in the way of bad/funny.

From a review of Kelly Clarkson:

"I have to say the first time you hear since you been gone, its pretty powerful but then after you buy the CD and watch the video you are so sick and tired of it you never want to listen to Kelly Clarkson again.

Also, in the video, she's recking her ex-boyfriends apartment. Sure its inspiring, but what 12, 13,14,15 or 16 year old (the age the musics targeted towards) is going to actually go over to their ex's house and reck it! I wouldn't (and I didn't)! Its not that easy! Sure you argue that she an adult and all that but is that really realistic? Also it switches from his apartment to a club where she is singing. Shes trying to head bang and they are trying to make it so there is a mosh pit down front, but moshing to pop isn't easy (take it from me, I'VE TRIED). "

From Clay Aiken's debut CD:

"Clay Aiken's debut album is the best! Clay gives 110% to this product, and you won't be disapionted. Ruben Studdard may have been crowned American Idol, but Clay's album is selling like Clay really one. So are we sure Clay Aiken didn't win American Idol? We're sure, but if it was up to the record sales, Clay would win. Once again, a five star album. If you are a Claymate, or know a Claymate, who doesn't own this C.D. yet, BUY IT!"

(is a Claymate one of those Claymation animals from the 70's?)

and finally, Ruben Studdard gets his comeuppance:

"this c/d is okay, but not worth purchasing, as i admit i didn't i just borrowed it. ruben's voice is good, but i agree with the others who said that you can hear as good or better in ANY black church. just now i saw a large black guy on the church channel that had a 1000 times better voice."

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surprisingly enough, over the course of a typical day at my high school, walking down the halls, you'll probably stumble upon:

2 dark side shirts

1 other pink floyd shirt

3 or 4 zeppelin shirts

1 or 2 hendrix, the beatles, or the who shirts

a bob marley shirt

0 nsync, backstreet boys, etc. shirts

in 50 years, zeppelin music will still kick a$$, (though they are not "supernatural beings"), and britney spears will likely have died from some STD she picked up in a trailer park.

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I agree about the shirt thing. The most common band names you see on shirts at my school are

Jimi Hendrix - Outline (Stone Free on back)

Led Zeppelin - Tour of the Americas 77

Led Zeppelin - Zeppelin I album cover

Bob Marley - Roots Reggae Music

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon

Jim Morrison - An American Poet

Rolling Stones - Tongue logo

The Who - Who logo

And I have never seen a britney spears shirt in my entire life. With the above shirts, I see at least 1 of each every day.

A for stars that people try to dress like, I guess girls do try to wear what she wears, but there is an equal amount of people with rock t-shirts and long hair. So there you go. And most of the pop bands from 2004 have allready been forgotten by most.

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And another for Untitled Led Zeppelin (IV)

Led Zeppelin and the Beatles are considered great bands(The Beatles are better though) and Zeppelin's masterpiece has 8 songs on it? The Beatles' White Album has 30 songs on it! I'm sorry but the Skelter Boys were a little bit more musical, wouldn't you think. After all, the lyrics talked to Charles Manson! Zeppelin is junk compared to whom everyone wants to be bigger than!!!!!!!!!!!The Beatles

For some reason this guy can't tell the difference between 2 discs & 1.

"Who's Next":

"The Who". How original...not! I hate all of these "The" bands. The only song I kinda like on this album is "Behind Blue Eyes". And that's only because they ripped it off from Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit). It's pretty good, but not as good as Limp's version. Other than that, this is just a low budget garage rock revival album that is sure to bomb on the charts.

Good job, man. Judge the band because of the name. I wish I could tell this moron how to find out who wrote songs. "...they ripped it off from Fred Durst..." Pathetic!

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