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  1. I wanna rock your socks off! I Wanna Rock - Twisted Sister Rock Your Socks Off - Tenacious D
  2. Oh my God that is the funniest s*** I've ever seen.
  3. how old are you? 17 zodiac sign? Gemini left or right handed? Righty Flavor of ice cream? Honey been on an airplane? A Jefferson Airplane. Like Neil Diamond? No - he just bores me to death. Black or blue ink? Black. Everyone else used blue. Blue is just a black wanna be. right or left side of the bed? Right. How tall are you? 5'9" like cheese? Depends what kind of cheese it is. Mild cheese is good! Why songfacts name? Huh? worst subject? Maths (if thats what you mean) Favorite book? Sex and the City What's your favorite vacation? I don't like vacations What do you do when y
  4. Don't mind me, but how do you play this game? Sorry, newbie syndrome
  5. Yeah, that worked for me too.
  6. Caitlyn Francesca Anne, Ann* Patricia Vashti Matthew Claire Therese Earl shay(short form) Wayne Robert Rice Pilar George Paul Thomas Louis Louise Lloyd Catriona(pronounced Katrina though, don't ask why because i dont know) Marie Leigh
  7. Hey, thanks! It'll take a bit of getting used to, though :happybanana:
  8. A band from my homeland, Scotland! Anybody heard of them? They released a single a few months ago called 'Can't Turn Back'. It was rockin'! I have their album, and was wondering, have any of you music lovers listen to them or even just heard of them?
  9. I have to say Ani DiFranco, or Alanis Morissette. Their songs mean too much to me. The lyrics are so clever in every song they created! lol! But Bob Dylan is a classic!
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