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  1. Idk if anyone has seen Napoleon Dynamite or not, but that song that you mentioned Steel2Velvet, "the rose" is the song that the "Happy Hands Club" is signing, off topic, but thats something i noticed
  2. 96.9 WOUR WOUR Best Classic Rock in Upstate NY, great mix of classics, with some new songs with old school feel. And they have The Bob & Tom Show in the morning, very funny men.
  3. I grew up on classic rock, my dad listens to it religiously, and I'm glad its what I grew up hearing, I think it's really what has made me appriciate music & what it stands for. I'm into new music, Taking Back Sunday & Brand New punk/emo stuff. But I still listen to classics all the time, thats where the roots are anyways. I'd really like to see a revolution in music with 60's & 70's -esque rock, Theres a couple out there, The Darkness & Jet are starting to bring back that "old feel" of rock, a& I personally would LOVEEEE to see more of it.
  4. I heard about that, but haven't found the movie in my closet yet. Once I do, however, I've got to check that out.
  5. thanks, I'm also asking what a favorite lyric by the songwriter is however.
  6. Whos your favorite songwriter, and what are your favorite lyrics by them? ::
  7. ooo Elvish, i've never heard that song, but i'm intensely in love with the lyrics, so now i'm going to scurry off and download it
  8. i like Avenged Sevenfold - Warmness on the Soul Your hazel green tint eyes watching every move I make. And that feeling of doubt, it's erased. I'll never feel alone again with you by my side. You're the one, and in you I confide. And we have gone through good and bad times. But your unconditional love was always on my mind. You've been there from the start for me. And your loves always been true as can be. I give my heart to you. I give my heart, cause nothing can compare in this world to you. more for the lyrics than the actual song, but it sounds just like me and my Greg *starts grinning like a fool*
  9. Whats your fave love song / fave love song lyrics?
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