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Don't buy this unless you want to fall asleep its BORING drivel. Britney Spears makes great music. One More Time has much better guitar riffs. And these guys are too...ugly to be popstars. Britney is cute. Buy Britneys albums instead for REAL music.

Does that say Britney Spears has better guitar riffs? Dear God, since when has Britney been associated with guitar riffs? Since when has Britney done anything except dance on stage looking like a whore and lip syncing? BRITNEY SPEARS IS REAL MUSIC? So does that mean all the untalented popstars who never sing live and are just for show are portraying real music? As opposed to actual musicians playing instruments and not worrying about image? Can I reach out and smack the living piss out of this person?

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This is great...

Hey everyone, how r ya?? Wow, this dylan chracter has to be one of the most hyped up fellas in recent times, trying to take over the throne currently occupied by huge talent like Jack Johnson and John Mayer!! He never will as long as he sings in that annoying nasal tone, writes lyrics that are weird and no one can relate to, and plays the out of tune harmonica that he thinks sounds good!! If ya'll want to hear music that sounds really good, look into some cool tunes by Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Staind, Mystikal, Nelly, 50 Cent, Ja Rule, Puddle Of Mudd, Nickelback, Dave Matthews and John Mayer!! Go get some real music people!! Peace out....

Trying to take over the throne held by John Mayer? I like John Mayer, but since when did Bob Dylan have to take over a throne from John Mayer? Does this person even realize that Bob Dylan has been making music for more than 40 years? Before John Mayer was even born? It's more like John Mayer is trying to take the throne away from Bob Dylan. I'd like to smack this person.

This is fun....!

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Here's one about Stevie Ray Vaughan

This compilation could've been trimmed (mercifully)down to about 30 seconds if there was a rule against repeating the same tired licks. SRV may have been a nice guy, but he was one sorry excuse for a guitar player-more proof that all you have to do to satisfy the vast legion of dullards is turn it up. "Passion" doesn't replace his lack of technique, taste, originality, etc,ad nauseum.

Lack of technique? Wow, that's not something I would associate Stevie Ray Vaughan with. Lack of technique? I'd like to know who they think is a better guitar player... maybe they're big fans of that guy in Blink 182... :P

Pink Floyd's "Animals"

I hoped to hear music about all kinds of animals but I was let down. This is no friendly music at all, it is full of monsters!

Really really BAD music, donot buy it is BAD!!!!!!!

Obviously they don't really know anything about Pink Floyd.

This is on a review for The Beatles "1".

I get so annoyed by this belching and belittling bearded beerbelly calling himself 'justice' (what he doesnot know ONE friggin' bit I assume.

He is sexist and conservative, and doesn't do the beautiful US of A any good. He should be considered to be extradited to Guantanamo or better the moon for his CRAP convinctions.

Is it so hard to leave decent folk alone? Teach yourself some decency ok?

OK, so what I'm 13?


What does that have to do with the album?

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

for the last two years of the Beatles, they were a quintet. John, Paul, George, Ringo and Yoko. Give her respect. I'd love to see Paul, Ringo and Yoko jamming together, imagine them singing Beatle songs with Yoko in John's place? doesn't that sound awesome?

That's not right... that's just not right...

The Who's "Tommy"

It is a prooven fact my dad told me that it were always the spotty rascals who (LOL) were lissening to this stommach turning racket of these untalented wildcats.

The fact that it still aroiund prooves that manypeople have a LOT of pwoblems.

Thamks for reading my mexage.

I'm guessing it was written by Bugs Bunny.

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hey aaron, i was gonna post the same comment about "animals"!

here are some more. on "the bends"

This album is ok. But it is is sooooo far from their pop *creep roots. the main problem that i have with this album is with thom yorke. why would he try to copy a genius like gary barlow?

sorry, it just aint music real music is korn

to those not in the know, gary barlow was a member of the boyband take that!

on "ok computer"

I had to literally hold back vomit 10 seconds into this cd. I was afraid that I had somehow been infected by this trash and had to cleanse myself by listening to N*Sync. Only people trying to look sophisticated will buy this album. (look at meeee. I listen to radiohead...I'm sooooo coool!!) Thom Yorke tries so hard to imitate Avril Lavigne, yet fails so miserably. If you want a good album, buy any of N*Sync, Justin, Britney, Avril...you know, good music. I would give this a negative infinity stars if I could. DAVID HASSELHOFF IS THE GREATEST SINGER EVER!!!

the song "Hot Shot City" is particularly good.

thom yorke immitates avril? cos she was around when the album came out! and david hasselhof??? what???

on "the queen is dead'

This isn't how good music should be done. You all should check out Limp Bizkit's AWESOME new disc "Results May Very", its got intense, technical riffs, outta control bass lines, intelligent and emotional lyrics, as well as the ill slammin' hip hop beats that I spoke highly of earlier!! Its way better than weird bands like Radiohead and Pink Floyd, thats for sure!!! Also look into Avril Lavigne's "Let Go" as well as anything by Dave Matthews, Linkin Park, Blink 182 and Stained for lyrics the average person can understand, and not the cryptic, meaningless junk that these weird ones keep pandering!!

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Oh my God Rachel... the term "genius" should never be associated with anyone in a boy band. It's like an oxymoron. And David Hasselhoff? Good Lord, he couldn't fathom a musical career if he did it for free as a comedy act on public television with monkeys playing the intstruments.

I'm going to go cleanse myself now by listening to N'Sync... stupid.gif

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These ones got deleted...

This review was on The Beatles "Abbey Road"

Hi Folx,

This band should split. Period. There music is obsolete and n ot very good.

If they had the decensy they'd call it a day.


This person really has problems...

This is the one I posted special for Rachel.

who ever does not like jutin timberlake then u guyz r really mean to him i mean if u were him and what if i or someone else said bad things wouold u like that? no i know u wouldnt oh but some people say i dont care because u know u would of felt bad ok and he would say no one likes me i stink nooooooooo thatz not ture ok he can sing his hottt and more well u say that u hate him or something like that because ur jeluse or because u cant sing and he can ok and he should of won the grammies and he diserved to win and he did. becuse he can sing and do more suff i luv justin timberlake ok got that so dont mess with the poor guy ok and he is not a morun ok and he wont go to hell ok got that! (...) if u got a problem with it deal with it OK!!(...)

Oh Justin... you're so dreamy... *sigh*

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Do you ever notice that people who oppose Pink Floyd seem slightly retarded? Seriously. You should have to undergo an IQ test before you're allowed to review Pink Floyd.

I think anyone that does a review on Amazon should have some sort of knowledge on music. As opposed to those who just listen to MTV and flunked basic English (like Rachel said!).

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