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What makes you excited?


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  • 35 years later...

Simple things such as watching a movie that I've been intending to see, recommending films and songs to other people and finding out they like them too, getting mail from friends and relatives, finding a dollar on the street :googly: , going to comedy clubs with my friends and taking over at the end with our karaoke bashing. I think the one that tops it all is discovering a girl likes me as much as I like her - which is tantamount to getting a Halley's Comet to come around :angel:

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Moving house

Really, Foxy? Oh, you´d love to be in my place then... I can´t stand it!! It scares me!

For me, it is

having a beautifull house

with my books, records, pictures, movies, stuff,

with my friends coming to see me and talk low,

with my mail, e-mail, telephone, songfacts!!!!!!!!!!!

when my husband´s back and I hear the door,

or going out meeting old friends and talk about good old times, remembering,

a concert in a small club,

reminds me of "These foolish things"! :laughing: :laughing:

I´m very simple...

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moving makes you excited? wow!

i think anything new makes me excited-new shoes, new cds, new clothes, new books (i know im pathetic bit when i get something new i wake up all excited and i have to think why),

holidays, meeting people i havent seen in a long time, watching a movie ive been meaning to see, real mail and not bills and letters from the bank

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Midnight skinny-dipping

Skiing untouched powder

Walking barefoot on a freshly cut lawn

Catching your significant other watching you out of the corner of your eye

Puking after drinking too much and actually feeling better afterwards

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Planning my birthday party, Bob Seger's voice, the rain, Ziggy Stardust, days off, seeing my friends, any song by The Ramones, dancing to the Beatles on Friday nights at the club, Irishmen, new clothes/shoes/handbags, Waterloo Sunset, posting on songfacts, The Rolling Stones, starry, starry nights.....


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I forgot Thunderstorms (thanks Amy for reminding me)

That's what makes me most excited, driving and then parking up with someone I'm mad about in a thunderstorm..! :googly:

OK, revised...chase Foxy in a thunderstorm, force her into car and go park somewhere. Got it.

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To-day... was good. It felt good. I feel excited now, but at the time I had this weird... comfortable numbness. No pretense, no nodding off, no boredom. Perhaps I just like hearing myself talk, but I can really take to conversations when things flow my way :beatnik:

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I won't forget:(and in no order)


My daughters upcoming wedding

A full moon

sunrise over the water

sunset over the water

New posessions

Feeling understood

Really good music

New jobs with pay increases

Country living/driving

My grandson

My friends (when they've remembered something I never thought they would)

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Plotting a strategy. I'm excited, but in a way that makes me feel uneasy and hopeless, and then I laugh a nervous, rueful laughter like a manic. Aimez-vous Brahms? I could ask - and the moment could break like my voice!

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