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  1. This one needs to be seen at least once. It's disturbing, loosely accurate, and puts Hollywood's glamorization of gangsters in Disneyland: Martin Scorcese's "Gangs of New York."
  2. Outstanding. Guantanamo?
  3. "I think some of these bands play music along the same lines as what was being played in the 70's. - Counting Crows - John Mayer - The Wallflowers - Oasis - 3 Doors Down - Black Crowes - Dave Matthews Band Now figuring out their influences could be difficult since they probably have many." Dave Matthews, Counting Crows, and Wallflowers and all the softer lyrical 90s artists seem to have roots heavily steeped in the music coming out of New York in the early to mid 60s.
  4. Folk music, as early as depression era. It may sound hillbilly until you consider the pain and hope of the lyrics.
  5. Would it be untoward of me to say that you and I should do a little elbow thing someday?
  6. I'd forgotten the days I spent as a kid watching the original episodes with Shawn Bennett (he had color tv and Batman was too cool in color). It's hard to argue with the cult following of a really bad but innovative vehicle that spawned half a dozen movies and spinoffs. Gene Roddenberry is the god that Spielberg wishes he could meet.
  7. I like you. I really like you. You have the kind of attitude that will serve you well in later years. Here's hoping you live the insular kind of life that will insure longevity.
  8. My complaint is that there's a wealth of really exceptional music in the rock genre that only comes out on New Years Day when the local classic rock station puts out the top 500 songs of the era. The other 364 the playlist is standard and repetitive. I don't find Boston's "More Than a Feeling" especially memorable and I'd rather not hear "Stairway" segue into "Free Bird" every hour ad nauseam. Let's try to forget the rock legend Phil Collins....
  9. That is to say that you don't know but you want to appear clever? And what makes you think you're invited to this conversation?
  10. I'm sure it has something to do with chemical imbalance. One of us will be better come the morning. The other will have to fend for himself....
  11. Yes, autistic, Bob. I could be wrong about the Brothers Floyd family tree, but The Wall is stacked on the tragedy of autism.
  12. But Mairi, I am sorry that we've digressed from your original. It deserves more respect.
  13. That is to say (by Tim Curry's interpretation) My my my mama my my my mama my my my mama my my (I'm a wild and an untamed thing...)
  14. Holy cats, and wait amoment while I process. I'm slow, but real. "Mother, do you think they'll drop the bomb?" I'm not an historical scholar, but I don't think an autistic child would be privy to the intentions of the united states in re: the pacific front. "Mother do you think they'll like this song?" I reckon they did.
  15. I was hoping that a pro would weigh in on the argument. The answer finally: regardless the timeline, classic rock must be classic. It must be the apex. It must drip excellence. So explain the "Free Bird" virus, Mr. DJ.
  16. I believe in the free market economy. That does not coincide with the belief that the free market belongs to the asswhole with the most money. Your chances are slim to take ad market share from ClearChannel, but grass roots guerilla tactics can be emotionally satisfying. Sounds like a fortune cookie, no? Fact is, ClearChannel needs you and yours more than you need them. All broadcast radio moguls are quaking because of the advent of satellite radio which as yet hasn't fallen to fcc restriction. Look to the sky and forget your local conglom. ClearChannel is black toast.
  17. God bless Lili St. Cyr!
  18. I can't imagine cult and tv mentioned in the same context. Television is so invasive into human psyche that cult following is impossible. I think you'd have to follow cd sales to find a cult following of anything spawned from tv. That said, I'd have to mention "Twin Peaks" and "Southpark" as the practical cult classics.
  19. Might be morphing this and that... Your gal did "Superstar" and put her face in the Coke commercial, the "I'd like to teach the world to sing" garbage....but I guess she wasn't the voice cher on DSotM....
  20. Think of it this way (I do). If your dad likes it it's oldies. If your daughter likes it it sucks. Everything in between is "classic" unless it really sucks; then it falls into the muzak category.
  21. Anyone who claims not to recognize Archie Bunker is either pulling your wanker or too out of touch to reason with. I think Lucy is way overrated too.
  22. That certainly makes sense if you are talking about an historical document. Yes, "The Wall" alludes to the trauma of post ww2 Britain, but it was written by a couple of guys two generations removed from that horror. Just as the bible can be interpreted in minutiae to reveal that Elvis is the savior of man, so can "The Wall" prove that life exists on the dark side of the moon.
  23. Didn't Yvonne Elliman do those awesome backgrounds for Floyd? Or am I collecting interest on that acid account I opened in 1973?
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