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Lead Singing Drummers


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How many bands do you know of with lead singing drummers, i know that The Monkees had Micky Dolenz...he sang lead on I'm a Believer.

Ringo Starr...not really sure what he did, im just now starting to get into the Beatles.

And Don Henley of The Eagles sings lead quite a bit...

do you guys know of any others??

:drummer: :D

Apologies if something like this has been posted before.

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Dave Clark of the great 1960s British Invasion Band, The Dave Clark Five ! They had more hits in the U.S. than they did in the U.K.


Q. How can you tell if the stage is level ?

A. The drummer drools evenly from both sides of his mouth.

WHY are people so cruel to drummers??? ::

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