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  1. yeah, im a fan, i was onto them straight away with their first single 'Winning the battle, losing the war' and then 'toxic girl' (which has a great coverbadly drawn boys excellent track - 'once around the block' on the b-side) the new album 'riot on an empty street' is excellent. that single 'id rather dance with you" is excellent, really catchy.....they've got great melodies.....here's hoping they get some recognition for their good work "i opened my eyes, and to my suprise....there were arabs with knives at the foot of the bed......Right at the foot of the bed"
  2. i reckon i own nearly a thousand cd albums! - so amazingly, well to me anyway, i haven't heard any of these?! - which one do you recommend? in fact name three and within a month i'll have em all and ill post reviews of em..... beg your pardon, ive got love 'forever changes' which of course is absolutely marvellous...
  3. first one that sprung to my mind is 'blinded by rainbow's by the stones.....great track "do you sleep at night - i doubt it" "if i were a swan, id be gone" why? cos i felt like saying it....
  4. AMUSED TO DEATH - ROGER WATERS. possibly the finest solo album ever. incredible. someone back me up on this please? it drives me mad that no one else seems to know or like it.....there's just me and the guy that got me into it! peace and love to Dave 'Kade' Cheale for turning me onto Floyd
  5. good band.....'Pet sounds' is such a fabulous album, shame they never quite followed it up with anything nearly as good, theyve got a whole load of songs that are 'classics' and if anyone who loves the beach boys hasnt got it....go buy brian wilsons 'smile' absolutely brilliant album....
  6. 1. What was it about the Beatles, in your opinion, that made them so influential? The music, the way they started as a pop band, wrote great pop records then grew up started pushing boundaries to a line that no one else dared to cross, and the fact that the records are that good.... and 40 years on we're still looking for a band to get close to competing with them. 2. Would you agree that ?Beatle mania' was one of the most incredible social phenomenons in history? yeah, absolutely....incredible scenes, a bit ridiculous at times but phenomenal... 3. Do you think that a lot of the Beatles incredible success was because they were in-tune with what was happening in society, or do you think that the same music would be equally as successful in our modern era? i dont necessarily think it was because they were in tune with what was happening in society, I think they filled a huge void in the 60's they were young, beautiful, exciting, the kids could dig it.....and as i said, great music.... if music's good, a vast majority of people will get excited and be influenced by it.... 4. Why do you think was the reason Beatles appealed to so many people in their prime-popularity? Great music, cool image... 5. Why do you think that the Beatles music has appealed to so many generations? because it really is timeless, it just sounds so fresh, i was in bed last night and i had sgt.pepper on my headphone set....incredible... 6. Why do you think the Beatles music appeals to so many age groups? (That is, from small children to elderly adults?) cos it's for everyone, their range of music covers all ages from 3 to 64!? 7. What was it about the Beatles music that attracted you're interest? great melody, i can remember being 14 and listening to guns n roses and nirvana, and i remember waking up one morning and my eldest brother had the 'Help!' album on, and i can remember hearing the title track and then 'You've got to hide your love away' and thinking, great melody, great lyrics...gimme some more of that.... 8. Do you think that another band could make it as big in the future, and what are your reasons for thinking this? no, not a chance. The Beatles were of their time , they came along at a time when there was a bit of a void, and they made such an impact that cant be made again, we've had 100's of wannabe's since then, all different types of bands and no one causes the stir that they did, no one has made consistently good albums like them or put out as many good albums, singles.....people forget the beatles put out rubber soul, revolver, pepper, magical mystery tour the white album, abbey road and let it be inside 4 years!? and it takes coldplay and oasis 3 years to make a record that is strictly average? look at u2's last 3 records spanning 8 years? its laughable compared to the beatles..... 9. Do you think the Beatles had an influence on factors like fashion, drug use and haircuts? absolutely, you only have to look at how many other bands copied their hairstyles, my mum told me of stories of all the lads having their hair like that at school.....im not sure they influenced drug use? they probably did....? 10. Anything else you would like to add? Best band ever.....no one can touch em. I like em anyway! i've got heartburn. :-(
  7. Money - Pink Floyd Your latest trick - Dire Straits - (got a bit of a soft spot for that!) Can you hear me knocking/Bitch - The Rolling stones
  8. interesting site, from what i have read the general view is that he was all but dead on arrival and obviously they did everything they could to save him but to no avail.......i was watching my Paul McCartney DVD (back in the US) last night, 'Here today' his tribute to John is so sweet, gets me everytime....God bless our John - what a hero. to say the least.
  9. upon reading this post it is my sincere wish that you go and buy 'the division bell' - have a look on ebay yer can get it now for two or three quid and its got a good few belters on there (all sung by gilmour bar one).... i think that waters and gilmour sound totally different, waters has a very harsh sounding vocal, whereas gilmour has a softer, easier on the ear tone to his voice.......when i first got into floyd i used to say 'waters can't sing' and he cant really but neither can Dylan! ha, ha, ha well, as we all know it aint the voice its what and how you put across what your saying......but if i had to choose gilmour is definately the better of the two vocally - having sai that my favourite floyd record is (waters real baby!) 'the final cut' and waters sings 11 of the 12 tracks there so......but when gilmour sings - its normally a gem....'time', 'us and them', 'young lust', 'not now john', 'dogs' etc, etc, etc.......
  10. yeah wicked song that, been playing their latest album today - its fgrowing on me.....i love 'numb' - bono's falsetto's are sublime!
  11. and what are people's reasons for posting the best lyrics ever? - my favourite lyrics are things i can relate to - see my post 'ghosts' by the jam - its just a self explanatory description of life, and maybe feeling a touch insecure etc....and the way we shield ourselves at times...."one day you'll walk right out of this life and then you'll wonder why you didn't try" - cos i am - boneidle at the best of times! "kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town waiting for someone or something to show you the way" - that intense feeling of boredom waiting for summat to happen..... i love lyrics that you can relate to and say - "that could have easily been written for me"
  12. the 70's was certainly a massively productive era, alot of bands did their best stuff then.....The Who certainly came of age in the 70's - 'who's next?' (71) and Quadrophenia (73 - my favourite who album - funnily enough ive got 'the who by numbers' and 'Dark side of the moon' with me today.....i can't stop listening to 'Time' at the minute, it's an absolutely amazing song, i can't speak highly enough of it, 'im playing 'Us and Them' at the minute.....did anyone watch 'classic albums' BBC2 last night - Dark side of the moon, ive got the DVD but it was worth watching again......! - other favourite albums of mine in the 70's All things must pass - George Harrison (70) Imagine - John Lennon(71) Band On The Run - Wings (74) Low - David Bowie (77) Setting Sons - The Jam (79) Rumours - Fleetwood Mac (77) London Calling - The Clash (79) Physical Graffiti - Led Zeppelin (75) Blood On The Tracks - Bob Dylan (75) Let it Be - The Beatles - (70) Ram - Paul McCartney - (71) Quadrophenia - The Who (73) Dark Side of The Moon - Pink Floyd(73) The Wall - Pink Floyd (79) golden era indeed.
  13. no, no, no, people who think the smiths are depressing are missing the point entirely, the smiths are hilarious! look at the song titles, and listen hard to the lyrics, there's a lot of humour there, some songs do come across as depressing - usually because they are driving home a strong point....- i think 'never had no one ever' and ' i know its over' from 'the queen is dead' LP can be deemed as fairly depressing....'half a person' the list could go on, of course, it depends what type of person you are and what your looking for from the song.....after listening to a smiths album i always feel first of all happier and secondly, extremely thoughtful for the next hour at least..... most depressed song? 'goodbye cruel world im leaving you today goodby, goodbye, goodbye goodbye all you people there's nothing you can say to make me change my mind goodbye' 36 seconds or aso - roger waters and his acoustic, it all seems so final.....pretty depressing....
  14. School by nirvana rocks...... - yeah great one, no recess - i.e. detention! cant think of any that havent already been mentioned. nice one to whoever mentioned 'Girls School' by Wings......good number.....
  15. Keith Moon sings 'Bell Boy' on 'Quadrophenia'......
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