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I've been thinking this for years, so I thought I'd put it out there and see what others thought about the matter. I believe there are enough Beatle fans for this to merit it's own thread, that's why i didn't just stick it in Random Music Thoughts.

As far as John, Paul, George and Ringo are concerned, I've always felt that George wrote the best songs. He didn't have the sheer volume of Paul or John, but as far as pure, heartfelt lyrics, I've always enjoyed his stuff more than the others, during and after the Beatles.

My Sweet Lord, What is Life, Something, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, etc, are so soul gripping.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Absolutely not. The dynamic duo of Lennon/McCartney has been well documented by countless fans! For 5 years I was immersed in Beatles and read a lot on the phenominon of Lennon/McCartney. The odds that two individuals would so deeply and completely accentuate each other is mind boggling. The sheer fact that the whole was much, much greater the the sum of the parts, hence neither had anything close to the success in their solo careers as they had together. Why just listen to a song like "I've got a feeling", from Let it be - Naked, (you can hear it much clearer) here is the two on one of their finest duets.

They just flowed together.

The combination of John's creative wit, hard edge and energy with Paul's sense of direction, soft touch and grounded presence was the making of a great song writing team. A match made in music heaven!!

However I do want to recognize George for have the determination and courage to create something that could hold up to these two greats! It was thanks to Paul and John's greatness that drove George to the level he attained!

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i also think harrison wrote some amazing stuff. But i give it 2 lennon/mcartney. If George had written some more of the songs then i might give him more creditthen lennon/mcartney. I like almost every beatle song. Pretty much every on written by harrison was good or great, but same with lennon/mcartney and they wrote more songs. For me i think im undecided, but if harrison had written more songs then i could make up my mind.

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I thought about this countless times too. John and Paul wrote the best and finest rock and roll songs ever. Period. George came up with some extremely good stuff here and there. Solo, for some reason, George made better music than Paul, John being the best one of all three. Like already mention, no beatle was better than The Beatles. And don't we forget about those kick-ass beats and rolls Ringo always layd down :drummer:

Take from someone whos listening to Abbey Road now :shades:

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I'm not detracting from Lennon/McCartney at all. Their work has given me years of enjoyment. I've just always thought George never got the accolades he deserved. Granted, as I said in my original post, he doesn't have the sheer volume of the others, but what he did write, for me personally, touched me on a deeper level.

Frank Sinatra said "Something" was the most beautiful song ever written.

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George's position in the group allowed him a couple songs per album, still he was quite prolific:

Blue Jay Way

Don't Bother Me

For You Blue

Here Comes The Sun

I Me Mine

I Need You

I Want To Tell You

If I Needed Someone

It's All Too Much

Long Long Long

Love You Too

Old Brown Shoe

Onlu A Northern Song


Savoy Truffle



The Inner Light

Think For Yourself

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Within You Without You

You Like Me Too Much

Four of these (Here Comes The Sun, Taxman, Something, While My Guitar...) have become rock standards. so in sheer volume it isn't up to Paul/John...but it's pretty darn impressive. :guitar: :laughing: :happybanana: :drummer:

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The Lennon-McCartney team was the top one, I believe that George Harrison didn´t have the chance to develop more his talent. He was the younger, he was let just a couple of songs per album, but we can see with songs like "Something", "My sweet Lord", "I, me, Mine" that he was a great songwriter.

Sure, he had a couple of good teachers...

I believe that if he has been in a same position than John and Paul, he could have been not so underrated.

Or maybe is it that the Lennon-McCartney team is so bright that they would simply eclipse all other shining genius in the band?

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Frank Sinatra said "Something" was the most beautiful song ever written.

True, but when performing it he introduced it as a Lennon/McCartney song. It probably wasn't intentional, but it goes to show how easy it is to be overshadowed being in a band with Lennon/McCartney.

George was a great songwriter, and ended up being the most improved in the band when all was said and done. I think he would have been better had his talents been nurtured rather than disregarded. It was a struggle for him with every album to get his songs included, and usually only one or two were recorded at a time.. I'm sure these facts contributed to his writing and releasing the first triple album in rock history "All Things Must Pass" which was released shortly after the break up.

George is my favorite. I think he should be known as the underrated Beatle rather than the quiet one.

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