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  1. Any Smashing Pumpkins and Alice in Chains Nutshell - Alice Dont Follow - Alice Come on people its Layne Staley, the king of sad songs about death. RIP Layne
  2. We all know why Bob was so cool. The sweet smoke that went down his throat is why kids today love him.
  3. You got to be kidding. George had a few good songs, Paul was 50/50 some were good some were not so good. As for John, his songs rose the emotion of the listener to heights that are unattainble by either George or Paul. Lennon is God!
  4. Alice In Chains is my favorite, because Cantrell and Staley songwriting is the best out of the grunge scene. Laynes voice is by far better than Cornell or Vender. Their albums are by far the most consistent, with great guitar and by far the best grungy sound. RIP Layne
  5. 1) Alice in Chains - Junkhead 2) Led Zepplin - The Ocean 3) Soundgarden - Burden in my Head 4) The Smashing Pumpkins - Soma many more but dont feel like listing
  6. Im only Sleeping. The best beatles song because johns voice is just incredible and no one can sing like that, but other songs are good like "In my Life" and "Julia".
  7. The Cranberries did a song called "I Just Shot John Lennon" the whole song is about the day John died. It was the fearful night of December 8th. He was returning home from the studio late. He had perseptively known that it wouldn't be nice. Because in 1980, he paid the price. John Lennon died. X6 With a Smith & Wesson 38, John Lennon's life was no longer a debate. He should have stayed at home, He should have never cared, And the man who took his life declared, He said I just shot John Lennon. He said I just shot John Lennon. What a sad and sorry and si
  8. Brian it took you long enough, but we forgive you. Just want to see what everyone else thinks of his comeback and the album "Smile"
  9. The Beatles - "Help!" The Smashing Pumpkins - "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" Alice In Chains - "Rooster" Led Zepplin - "Stairway to Heaven" Sublime - "Wrong Way" Coldplay - "Yellow" Pink Floyd - "Brain Damage" The Rolling Stones - "You Cant Always Get, What You Want" The Who - "Pinball Wizard" Guns and Roses - "Sweet Child of Mine" Graham Parker - "Nobody Hurts You" David Bowie - "Changes" Bob Dylan - "The Times They Are'A Changen" The Velvet Underground - "Sweet Jane" Depeche Mode - "People are People" CCR - "Fortune Son" Jimi Hendrix - "Foxy Lady" Neil Young - "Old Man" Soun
  10. The two biggest loses, in my opinion, are John Lennon and Layne Staley. John Lennon was the voice of all mankind, his loss made the 80's even more meaningless. His loss is still hard to take even after 24 years. God...I miss him. Layne Staly was also hard to take, because he was such a beautiful singer. His voice was to good to be true. Herion is the devils drug and it kills the best people. Layne was so depressed it used to make me depressed. Everyone thinks Kurt Cobain was a depressed genius, but no one had it harder than Layne. I pick Layne Staley as the most underrated d
  11. Alice In Chains - They never really broke up, they just had a long vacation doing sideprojects. They never actually called it quits, until the death of Layne Staley. What a loss.... His voice sends a shiver down anyones spine. Kurt, Chris, and Eddie all wished they had the voice of Layne Staley. The man died the band died. Even though heroin was the reason. RIP Layne
  12. 1)"Plastic Ono Band" - John Lennon 2)"Dirt" - Alice In Chains 3)"Mellon Collie" - The Smashing Pumpkins 4)"The White Album" - The Beatles 5)"Revolver" - The Beatles 6)"Above" - Mad Season 7)"Siamese Dream" - The Smashing Pumpkins 8)"Good Morning Spider" - Sparklehorse 9)"Legend" - Bob Marley 10)"Sublime" - Sublime
  13. 1) "Mellon Collie and the Infinte Sadness" - The Smashing Pumpkins 2) "Dirt" - Alice In Chains 3) "Plastic Ono Band" - John Lennon
  14. 1) The Beatles 2) John Lennon 3) The Smashing Pumpkins 4) Alice In Chains
  15. The whole album "Dirt" by Alice in Chains. The whole album is about Layne Staly's herion addiction. The songs are depressing but they also are very hopeful. Layne knew his problem and he paid for it. Much like Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Hendrix, and Sid Viscous. RIP!!!!
  16. Frank Zappa and Mothers of Invention played on John Lennon's "Sometime in New York" album.
  17. I bet Im not the only one, but i hate to admit it but I like...... "Pieces of Me" - Ashlee Simpson
  18. Billy Preston played at the Tribute for John Lennon after September 11th and to get away from The Beatles..... John Lennon co-wrote "Fame" with David Bowie
  19. What I got, isnt even their best song. Buy self titled "Sublime" and you will find out that all the other songs are the best. "Garden Grove and Pawn Shop" best songs Sublime has. Buy the album!!!
  20. I love this band to death. If only they could still be putting out music. Sublime is the best!
  21. Joni Mitchell Ricki Lee Jones Carole King Carly Simon
  22. Quite simple 60's - The Beatles/John Lennon 70's - Led Zepplin 80's - Guns and Roses 90's - The Smashing Pumpkins 00's - Audioslave
  23. Alice In Chains - Heaven Beside You Be what you wanna be See what you came to see Been what you wanna be I don't like what I see Like the coldest winter chill Heaven beside you ...Hell within Like the coldest winter chill Heaven beside you ...Hell within Like the coldest winter will Heaven beside you ...Hell within And you think you have it still, heaven inside you So there's problems in your life That's [bleep] up And I'm not blind I'm just see-through faded, Super jaded, And out of my mind Do what you wanna do Go out and seek your truth When I'm down and blue Rat
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