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songs of loneliness?


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Wish You Were Here-Pink Floyd

Shine On You Crazy Diamond-Pink Floyd

Eleanor Rigby-The Beatles

The Fool On The Hill-The Beatles(sorta)

God Only Knows-The Beach Boys

November Rain-Guns n Roses(again not really but good song)

You're Not Coming Back-Lynn Miles

What Didn't You Say-Mary Chapin Carpenter

Unknown-Chely Wright

One-Three Dog Night

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"Alabama" by Cross Canadian Ragweed is a good one:

She picked up the telephone

All she heard was dial tone

She really thought she heard it ring this time

She said what am I thinking I must be only dreaming

Or maybe it?s the hundred times he?s crossed my mind

Just tonight


She said maybe I miss your lovin?

Maybe I miss your kiss just a little bit

Maybe I miss your body lyin? right next to mine

Maybe I miss your touch a little too much

Tossing and turning her skin's still burning

From the fire in his hands

Runnin? on empty she needs somebody

But somebody wouldn?t understand

Then the telephone rings


They talked about Savannah

Sweet home Alabama

And how he missed the way she always smiled

Are you coming back soon

By the Harvest moon

If I have to walk every mile on my knees


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