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UncleJoe is gone, we will always love him... <3


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I do believe Uncle Joe was one of the first members to greet me on Songfacts. I mostly remember how much he made us all smile with his witty humor and his "no pants" jokes made me laugh so hard. He loved picking on me when he found the opportunity to do so, and I didn't mind at all because he always made me smile. It's a pleasure to be a part of the Songfacts family, he was an Uncle to all of us. I loved chatting with him about his love for music, family, food, and life in general. It's amazing how our love for music has brought so many from all parts of the world to come together as a family and share our experiences with each other. Rest in Peace Uncle Joe....you will be remembered and missed by many. ❤️

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Joe was a steadfast SF rock, always had a kind or funny word.  A gentle soul.  Although he refused to ever wear pants, that's one of the things we loved about him.  So sad, not to mention shocked, to hear of his passing.  He'll always be remembered as one of the Songfacts OGs, a true original. ❤️ 

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